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My Dear Friend Wrote this Awesome Story

It had been a while since I had last seen my sister.  Yes, we often talked on phone and text-messaged each other a lot. But since she moved in Coeur d’Alene, it had been over three years we saw each other face by face. And after lots of convincing from her to visit her new home , I finally agreed to spend my upcoming vacation at her lakeside home in the northern part of Idaho. Truth is I always had longed to visit the region as I heard many amazing stories about the region. The beautiful environment, pristine landscape , unique culture, and lots of fun activities. Nonetheless, the only way to actually confirm these stories was to visit the region, right?

Finally the day of my visit arrived and I was overly excited. I don’t know if it was because I was going to see and bond with my elder sibling, or it was the fun things I had planned to do while in the region. Whichever the reason, I was so looking forward to visiting the her. And being a nature lover, I opted to do a road trip in the company of my boyfriend and enjoy the amazing sceneries along the road. Talk about the canyons, creeks, mountains, ranches, grasslands, woodlands, lakes and much more. Being from Portland, it would take us several hours to drive 383 miles via several different interstates that run all the way to Coeur d’Alene in Northern Idaho.

I must say, the road trip was more than expected. The stretch from Porltnad to Idaho boasts of panoramic views that kept my eyes glued to the landscape. Thank god, it was my boyfriend who was doing the driving. The valleys and creeks seemed unaffected by rapid development in the region. Decades earlier, Coeur D’Alene was famed as a mining and timber towns and you could still see the remnants of the old factories, warehouses, machineries, staff housing and more. However, the appeal of the modern Coeur d’Alene was touristic and that’s why drones of people visit the region to simply relax and have fun.

The first thing that met my eyes after our arrival was the Coeur d’Alene Lake. I must admit that this was one of the most beautiful lakes I had laid my eyes on. It stretches for many miles and still had maintained its pristine nature. We decided to spend sometime on the shores simply staring at its beauty while watching people enjoying a swim, fishing, or boating on the lake. While gazing at the lake, my sister asked to ask if we were nearby. Coincidently, she was in the neighborhood and decided to join us. The emotions and joy of seeing my sister brought a tear in my eyes as well as hers. It had been too long.

Lake Coeur d Alene

After brief chit chat, she convinced to join in the fun rather than being bystanders. The next we did was jumping onto a boat and taking a cruise in the lake. We observed the healthy ecosystem in the lake that consisted of all kinds of fish species. This was followed by a venture through the 120-actre woodland that surrounds the lake. Smelling the fresh air and being away from the busy city clamed my nerves and I only wished I could stay for much longer. We also had the opportunity to sample some local delicacies and drinks during the boat cruise. I took notice of two trailheads that were near the Coeur d’Alene Resort. One led to a 4000-foot hill while the other was a 2-mile stretch around a small peninsular. I already knew what my next adventure would be.

On our way back, we compiled our to do list while in the region.  First we would stop for a quick byte to eat, I chose Italian. We dined at one of Coeur d Alene’s Finest Restaurants named Tony’s on the Lake.  What an awesome lunch.  Then our next stop would be the Two Trailheads, North Idaho Centennial Trail that is located near the border between Idaho and Washington and stretches about 24 miles was the next activity on the list. I also wanted to see the historical rail line that served the town during its glory days as a mining and lumber town. The Silverwood theme amusement park located 23 miles on the northern part of Coeur d’Alene offers roller coater, rides, water sports at the Boulder Beach, and much more. Visiting the McEuen Park was also in our list.

As we entered my sister’s home, I was struck by how clean and clear her windows were. In fact, they stood out more than anything else on her property. So, I naturally asked her if she had installed new windows or panes. But, she said they were more than 5 years old. She had found them when moving into the house and were not as good-looking as they were. But why do they look so new? She told me the secret was professional window cleaning. She found a reputable Coeur d Alene window cleaning company years ago and she hires them several times a year. I could relate to this as we pay for the same service at home. It turned into a competition, our Portland window cleaning company against hers. We found a common trend about both of them. Both company’s were always on time and used eco friendly green products, which is very important to both of us.  Small world, I guess Mom and Dad raised us right.

Our vacation flew by and was over before I knew it.  I was said to say goodbye to my Sis, as we packed up and headed out tuesday morning.  Christmas at our house this year!!

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