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    Montage Monday


    Lassie Girl {pinafores}

    posted on 04.18.2014 by Dana

    Glorious Easter Weekend is upon us! We have our eggs ready for hiding, the baskets filled to the brim, I can already smell the ham cooking and the outfits are hanging pretty just waiting to be worn to church! This year, I’ve opted out of the “Easter Dress” for Gracie and opted in for the […]

    Rugged Bear {Spring is HERE}

    posted on 04.02.2014 by Dana
    Rugged Bear

    70s and 80s all week this week! I’ll take it!! It’s been a long time coming that’s for sure. I think we can all agree, no matter where you are in the US, this past Winter was brutal! Even the beginning of Spring was very unpleasant with more snow and COLD temps. Fingers crossed it’s […]

    5 Summer Stroller Solutions w/ Bumbleride

    posted on 03.17.2014 by Dana

    I know it’s CHILLY today in most parts of the country but trust me, it cannot last forever! Spring officially starts this week and we are all dying for it! I cannot wait…no, I.NEED…to get out with our stroller and do some major bonding with the little ones and power-walking for the body. Received this […]

    Smart Bottoms {giveaway}

    posted on 03.13.2014 by michelle

    I’m a big Smart Bottoms fan. I got to meet the owner Christy last year and after hearing her passion for creating quality cloth diapers, they became my favorite brand. Smart Bottoms has revamped their 3.0 design by adding 2″ to the waist, they removed the hip snap so the diaper will last longer, and […]

    I See Me! Growth Charts {15% OFF}

    posted on 03.10.2014 by Dana

    Watching your children grow is a bitter sweet time over the years. And it flies by! One minute you are rocking them to sleep, breast feeding into the wee hours of the morning…and in the flash of an eye they are asking for your keys and keeping you up worrying all night long! Unless you […]

    Cozy Cover

    posted on 03.03.2014 by Dana

    Spring and summer are baby season. Many new moms are looking for ways to protect their special cargo! A trip to the park, a picnic in the mountains or a day at the beach can be interrupted by pesky insects. Cozy Sun & Bug Infant Carrier Covers are the perfect solution to keeping your baby […]

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    Glass Dharma {free straw!}

    posted on 04.07.2014 by michelle

    I am in love with glass straws, especially Glass Dharma’s Decorative Dots! My 7 year old loves drinking from a straw. Several years ago, I got tired of throwing out disposable straws and I went on a search for reusable options. That’s when I found Glass Dharma. I was a bit skeptical about glass and […]

    Healthy & Nutritious #JuicePlusLife #ad

    posted on 04.02.2014 by Kelley Crowe
    Juice Plus

    Being a mom of two young kids and on a crazy schedule of preschool drop off and pick up, fitting in working out, blogging, and everything in between at home; it’s so hard to keep my health.. let alone the whole family’s in check! There are so many companies out there today deceiving us too […]

    i play: Green Sprouts Easy To Go

    posted on 03.13.2014 by michelle

    I love shopping locally and there are a ton of great NC based companies. One of my favorites, i play, was founded 32 years ago and they design their products in Asheville, NC. They have 2 lines, i play which focuses on outdoor play and green sprouts which focuses on inside. All green sprout items are products […]

    R.W. Knudsen Family® Nature’s Peak™ juice blends

    posted on 03.11.2014 by Dana

    Yum!!! Grocery shopping now a days takes a toll. GMOS, dyes, toxics oh my! You could spend endless hours of your time reading labels and doing the research. Even when it comes to the little things…juice! It’s fruit juice for goodness sakes, shouldn’t it actually come from fruit?? Hubby and I have been juicing for […]

    Canyon Bakehouse {Review & Giveaway}

    posted on 03.06.2014 by Kelley Crowe
    Canyon Bakehouse Logo - NEW

    It seems like so many people these days have an intolerance to gluten, soy, or dairy; and even if someone doesn’t have an intolerance, so many people are choosing a gluten free and healthier lifestyle. What’s hard though, is finding the food that suits your lifestyle. It’s so hard to know what ingredients are what […]

    AromaMist from SpaRoom Essentials

    posted on 03.03.2014 by Dana

    Not that our house “smells” per say…it’s just, with 3 growing boys and a “garage hubby”, lighting a candle does our house some good. Burning candles on a daily basis not only gets expensive, it gets toxic. The older boys are prone to allergies, some airborne fragrances set them off, so my candle lightening days […]

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    Frames Direct- Online Sunglasses Shopping

    posted on 04.17.2014 by michelle
    Screenshot 2014-04-15 23.36.27

    I love to shop, but shopping for sunglasses is pure torture. I have a long, narrow face and sunglasses just don’t fit right for me. Shopping with a 7 year old and a 16 month old makes the whole experience even more fun {insert sarcasm}. After going to 5 stores, I bought a pair of […]

    Hotmilk Nursing Bra

    posted on 04.10.2014 by michelle

    Just because you are nursing, doesn’t mean you have to go with boring lingerie! When I wore my first matching nursing bra with panties, I felt like me again rather than just a milk machine. I recently had the chance to try Hotmilk Lingerie’s Mystery Nursing Bra and it is so much better than my […]

    Chewbeads {early Mother’s Day Idea}

    posted on 04.07.2014 by Dana
    Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 5.58.15 PM

    How easily we forget as our kids grow, the drama that once was a teething baby! Poor little things, you can only imagine how it must feel! Luckily, we live in a day and age with so many luxuries to help soothe the pain for our wee ones. Actually…the luxury is for the moms, the […]

    No More Morning Sickness! {Preggie Pops Natural Chews}

    posted on 04.04.2014 by Kelley Crowe

    Were you nauseous during pregnancy? It is THE WORST! Sometimes, it feels like the end is nowhere in sight and we’re never going to feel better again! Luckily though, there ARE some awesome products out there that actually DO work!   I thankfully discovered Preggie Pops in my first pregnancy and they were quite the […]

    Bundle Organics {Organic Prenatal Beverage}

    posted on 04.04.2014 by Kelley Crowe
    Bundle Organics | Healthy Nutrition for Pregnancy & Beyond

    Pregnancy is such a beautiful time, but growing a sweet little bundle in our bellies is hard work! It’s so important to keep up with our nutrition during pregnancy and Bundle Organics is right there to help us get the nutrients we need. Pregnant and breastfeeding moms need extras of those key nutrients that helps […]

    Manduka {eKO Yoga Mat}

    posted on 04.02.2014 by Dana

    It’s very difficult for a mother of 4, with a career outside the home AND inside the home, to make time for herself. Especially when it comes to fitness and personal health. The gym has never been my friend, I’m just not one of those people. Running “use to be” my friend, but boy is […]

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    Lug Life Kids {GIVEAWAY}

    posted on 04.18.2014 by Dana

    Did you notice our “What’s In Your Basket” montage this week? Anyone else super excited for Sunday morning?!! Did the Easter bunny get creative this year? Steer away from the candy? Check out #7. Let’s focus on that brand today shall we! Lug Kids is luggage treats for the kiddos! Adorable backpacks with matching lunch […]

    KidOFit Shoes {SALE}

    posted on 04.07.2014 by Dana
    Heel strap

    Within the past 2 months, I’ve purchased at least 5 different pairs of Spring/Summer shoes for Gigi. Some online, some in store…and out of those 5 pairs, NONE of them fit her! WHY?? She was sized for her sneakers only a short time ago and those fit her perfectly. Any other shoe, of the same […]

    SuperHeroStuff.com {review}

    posted on 03.25.2014 by michelle

    I wanted to give my daughter’s Step 2 car a makeover for my son. Not that there is anything wrong with a pink car for a boy… I just wanted to do something fun to match his personality. So I got some black Rust-Oleum 211338 Paint For Plastic Spray that is for outside use. It even […]


    posted on 03.17.2014 by Dana
    Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.26.15 PM

    I’m sure plenty of you went to see this adorable film this weekend! If you haven’t yet, make time this week for a family night out to view Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Dads…this is one for you to take the kids too. I remember the short films from my own childhood, but I know my […]

    The Happy Trunk {$10 OFF today only!}

    posted on 03.17.2014 by Dana

    Flash Sale Offer from The Happy Trunk for St. Patrick’s Day. Offer valid today only. Save $10 with coupon code LUCKY17, on any subscription at The Happy Trunk.

    i play: Green Sprouts Easy To Go

    posted on 03.13.2014 by michelle

    I love shopping locally and there are a ton of great NC based companies. One of my favorites, i play, was founded 32 years ago and they design their products in Asheville, NC. They have 2 lines, i play which focuses on outdoor play and green sprouts which focuses on inside. All green sprout items are products […]

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