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    Montage Monday


    BabyTV – The First 24 Hour Network Just For Babies & Toddlers

    posted on 02.13.2015 by Kelley Crowe
    BabyTV - The first 24 hour channel just for babies!

    I KNOW I’m not the only one who’s been stuck in a long car ride with cranky kids! You know sitting there for hours on end, with no moving in sight? Every parent can definitely relate. I don’t like to use the TV as a babysitter, but sometimes we’re in situations where you just need something […]

    Nuna LEAF Curv {Soothing Babies Naturally}

    posted on 01.22.2015 by Kelley Crowe
    Nuna LEAF Curv Cinder

    ow that it seems the months are creeping up on us, I’m beginning to start to stock up on all things BABY! Since my youngest is three and a half, there are so many new products out there or things I wanted to try, but never got a chance to, so I’m anxious to be […]


    posted on 01.12.2015 by Dana

    written by our first time Mom – Emily Well, we are at T – 16 days until our baby Seamus is due to arrive and he does not seem to be in a hurry to go anywhere. With our house ready for him and the hospital bag ready to go, Brian and I have started […]

    Bluebee Pals

    posted on 12.16.2014 by Dana

    In.awe. Lily the Lamb has not left Gigi’s side since she arrived last week. Lily the Lamb has been singing Christmas songs for hours daily since she arrived last week. Lily the Lamb is a HIT {Gigi named her Izzy, Lily the Lamb is the product name}…the biggest must have to hit this house in a long time. […]

    Baa-Baa-Barn {B. Toys}

    posted on 12.12.2014 by Dana

    This will be our niece Scarlett’s second Christmas but first official one. Meaning, she was born on December 23rd so Christmas was a bit complicated last year! She will be at such a perfect age to truly enjoy the holiday this year. Her cousins cannot wait to shower her with gifts and watch in her […]

    Watch and Roll

    posted on 12.09.2014 by Dana

    I know I’ve mentioned before, but let me repeat myself since the anxiety is high right now – our family has the terrible threes, NOT the terrible twos. Twos are a piece of cake…threes, not so much. G is 3 1/2 going on 16. Need I say more. Love her to pieces and truly enjoying […]

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    #MAMSmiles Twitter Party December 17th at 8PM EST

    posted on 12.16.2014 by Dana
    #MAMSmiles Invite

    Learn About Important Baby Care and Oral Teething You’re Invited on December 17th to the #MAMSmiles Twitter Party! Learn about baby oral care and teething and win great prizes including MAM toothbrushes and teethers. At the end of the Twitter Party there will be a special session for guests to participate in and ask questions […]

    Kiwi Crate Black Friday SALE {60% OFF NOW!}

    posted on 11.26.2014 by Dana

    Exclusive Kiwi Crate Black Friday Sale! Starting today to 12/1, save 60% on your 1st month subscription to any Kiwi Crate Family Brands PLUS free shipping with code HOLIDAY60 at checkout. This holiday season, give the gift of monthly hands-on projects designed to spark creativity and curiosity for the little ones in your life. Kiwi Crate was founded on the vision of inspiring […]

    Toto Knits Shop

    posted on 11.17.2014 by Dana

    For Halloween, Gigi was Cinderella {I talked her out of ANY Frozen character…she wasn’t one of the 30 we saw down one street}, yet she wouldn’t let anyone see her beautiful dress because of how chilly it was that night. It was our first cold night of the season here in Charlotte, NC and we […]

    SoapBox Soaps

    posted on 11.11.2014 by Dana
    Halloween Soap

    You know what I love most about this time of year??? The SMELLS! So many different smells that mesh together to make me feel so warm, comfortable, and cozy…even when it’s super duper cold outside! Our area is suppose to get hit with HIGHS in the 40s by week end, that’s uncalled for this time […]

    katebaby jammies

    posted on 11.07.2014 by Dana

    Love new brands!!! Love promoting them! Love them even more when my niece, at only 11 months old, is in love with them too!! katebaby.com was welcomed into the world this year and we’re so happy they joined the world of organic jammies, clothing, gifts and beyond!! Made from organic cotton, the katebaby pajamas are […]

    Pure Stella Skin Care

    posted on 11.05.2014 by Dana

    Brought to you right from our lovely Charlotte, NC, we bring to you today luxurious in a bottle! If there was ever a time that you would want to wear a clay mask all the time, everyday, no matter where you go…this would be the time, and Pure Stella Skin Care would be the place […]

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    Jessica N Designs

    posted on 12.16.2014 by Dana

    Yep! That’s my husband right there…every.single.morning. He’s a morning person, wakes up before everyone else so that he can have his coffee, watch the news, and browse the internet while everyone else is sleeping. In peace and quiet. He’s a perky little thing that you want to smack at 6:30 AM. This mug was made […]

    BrylaneHome – Cookware

    posted on 12.16.2014 by Dana

    Now is the time of year when your cookware, beautiful china, wine glasses, and serving sets get the most use! This may be the ONLY time of the year they get any use! This is the time of year where I personally enjoy every minute in the kitchen {any other time I run from making […]

    Celebrate Family Traditions with Feltman Brothers

    posted on 12.12.2014 by Dana

    THIS HOLIDAY SEASON CELEBRATE FAMILY TRADITIONS WITH FELTMAN BROTHERS HEIRLOOM BABY CLOTHING There are some things in life that perfectly complement each other, like holiday celebrations and family traditions. With Feltman Brothers, family traditions meet exquisitely designed heirloom baby clothes for holidays and special occasions, such as christenings, newborn gifts, family or birthday parties and Sunday church wear. […]

    SHOE ISSUE: Brian James Footwear

    posted on 12.04.2014 by Dana
    3-0 Bootie Charcoal 1

    Sometimes you just need some boots with heels! Sometimes you just need to make your legs look AWESOME, make your jeans ROCK, and hold your head HIGH while you walk those aisles at the grocery store! It had been over two years since this mama purchased {or sampled} a new pair of good boots. This […]


    posted on 12.04.2014 by Dana
    Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.14.32 PM

    For you parents of multiple children…don’t you just love it when you can hand something down from one child to the next, regardless of the gender?? We entered the world of BEARPAW boots many years back when Aidan was a toddler. That same pair of taupe colored boots are still around our house today! Gigi […]


    posted on 12.03.2014 by Dana

    Have you tried this clothing “service” yet? You totally need to give FabKids a try…even if you only test it out for the first month and get an outfit super duper cheap for your little lady or little man! No obligation to keep going, cancel at anytime but I don’t think you will want to! Being […]

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    The Cardiff Travel Headrest, An Easy Way To Say Goodbye To NoodleNeck

    posted on 02.13.2015 by Kelley Crowe
    The Cardiff Travel Headrest, An Easy Way To Say Goodbye To NoodleNeck

    This is a guest post written by Dina Gibbons, Freelance Writer provided by Hollywood Connections PR. Parents, you know that moment when your kid falls fast asleep in the car; that moment you secretly jump for joy because it means some peace and quiet for you. But then you cringe when you hit a bump, […]


    posted on 01.12.2015 by Dana

    And here’s your taste of sunshine during the most gloomy month of the year!! For those of you traveling to a beach destination this month – which includes my husband – I’m super duper jealous! I would do anything to be enjoying the warmth of the sun and sand after all the gloom and rain […]

    Enjoy Essential

    posted on 01.12.2015 by Dana

    Oh to be our Aidan. Occasionally, we get a glimpse into his little happy, 6 year old, scatter brain. He is truly a lover not a fighter and he’s always in his own little world with no cares, no woes, all bliss. He’s the clumsy kid, the space cadet…he doesn’t care about anything outside his […]

    Beddy’s – remarkable bedding

    posted on 01.02.2015 by Dana

    We have done nothing but clean since December 26th! Purge, organize, and reevaluate every square inch of the home…and I’ve made the kids get in on it too, since their rooms of course need the most TLC. Over the past 30 days, including Christmas morning, our kids have each gotten new bedding. Each bedding remarks […]

    Monster Jam – Charlotte, NC {GIVEAWAY}

    posted on 01.02.2015 by Dana

    Our beautiful city offers so many family friendly events over the year! With 3 boys under our roof, this is totally the show to start out the year right in our house! We have yet to ever take them to a Monster Jam show and they are bouncing off the walls waiting for January 9th. […]

    Fisher-Price games {available at Toys R Us}

    posted on 12.16.2014 by Dana

    My list for this week, to finish up for next week, is so long…it hurts my eyes to even look at it! Yesterday consisted of 8 different locations, one of them the post office. It was crowded to say the least and I hated every minute of it. Tomorrow on the list is Toys R […]

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