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    Montage Monday


    Great Brain Boosters For Baby

    posted on 09.29.2014 by Dana
    Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 9.38.41 AM

    Great Brain Boosters For Baby By PishPoshBaby.com Babies can grow up at an alarming rate (and not just physically!). Their brain, along with their five senses, need the right kind of stimulation for proper development. Some parents start as early as the pregnancy stage by listening to classical music and taking pediatrician-recommended supplements. Once baby […]

    Infanteenie Beenie

    posted on 09.15.2014 by Dana

    The end of 2014 – beginning of 2015 seems to be the year of the baby boys for our family and friends! When I had Gracie, everyone was having girls. NOW, everyone is having boys…or so it seems! There are so many early 2015 babies already blessing our lives and we could not be more […]

    Eco-Teether Crib Rail Cover from Babee Talk

    posted on 08.22.2014 by Kelley Crowe

    If you’re little one is in a crib or you’re expecting, you may be looking for the perfect crib bumper or cover for you. With the recommendations to not use a crib bumper due to the safety of baby, you might be looking for a good alternative. Many parents get concerned once your little one […]

    Travel Essentials

    posted on 08.22.2014 by Kelley Crowe
    Travel Essentials  BabyElan Daily

          It’s easy to overpack with little ones, right? Here are a few travel essentials every mom should have on their list to throw in your bag when on-the-go! Sunscreen is a huge discussion topic in our house lately. While trying to avoid unnecessary and cancer causing chemicals, I also want to be […]

    OXO Tot #FirstBites {GIVEAWAY}

    posted on 07.18.2014 by Dana

    What is that one “baby” product that you are still using, long after said baby is now a toddler or preschooler? For me…that product would be a baby food making machine! For two out of the four children, I made baby food 100% of the time for the first year, until table food was introduced. […]

    Gift Giving For a Prince!

    posted on 07.18.2014 by Kelley Crowe
    Gift Ideas In Honor of Prince George

    Thanks to Kelley from The Best Crowe’s Nest for putting together this fun roundup! Prince George is getting ready to turn 1 and we’ve got a Royal Roundup for that little prince in your life!   While that little prince in your life may not be gracing the covers of magazines and every tabloid across […]

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    Time to replace your pillows!! {50% off at Nature’s Sleep}

    posted on 09.22.2014 by Dana

    It’s time for our family to stock up on new pillows {we snagged this sale last time!!}, join us! Get ready for Fall by throwing out that old mattress AND those old pillows, and get deep savings on a new ones. You deserve it after making it through that long, hot summer! Nature’s Sleep has memory […]

    SIGG {Make Summer Hydration Fun!}

    posted on 05.28.2014 by Kelley Crowe
    Sigg  Make Summer Hydration Fun

    Pool season is officially HERE and our family could not be more excited!!! Now that preschool is officially out for the summer, we are ready… SO READY to spend our days at the pool! Lots of time in the sun though, means staying hydrated and I don’t know about you, but getting my kids to […]

    Get Greener with Bumbleride® Strollers

    posted on 05.19.2014 by Dana

    Eco-Conscious Stroller Company Reduces Eco ‘Footprints’ with Recycled, Sustainable Materials As much as we talk about our love for the Bumbleride® Strollers, for how amazing they are doing the job as a STROLLER, we’ve never touched base on how amazing they are as a company. Did you know that the quality materials behind Bumbleride® Strollers were shifted […]

    Glass Dharma {free straw!}

    posted on 04.07.2014 by michelle

    I am in love with glass straws, especially Glass Dharma’s Decorative Dots! My 7 year old loves drinking from a straw. Several years ago, I got tired of throwing out disposable straws and I went on a search for reusable options. That’s when I found Glass Dharma. I was a bit skeptical about glass and […]

    Healthy & Nutritious #JuicePlusLife #ad

    posted on 04.02.2014 by Kelley Crowe
    Juice Plus

    Being a mom of two young kids and on a crazy schedule of preschool drop off and pick up, fitting in working out, blogging, and everything in between at home; it’s so hard to keep my health.. let alone the whole family’s in check! There are so many companies out there today deceiving us too […]

    i play: Green Sprouts Easy To Go

    posted on 03.13.2014 by michelle

    I love shopping locally and there are a ton of great NC based companies. One of my favorites, i play, was founded 32 years ago and they design their products in Asheville, NC. They have 2 lines, i play which focuses on outdoor play and green sprouts which focuses on inside. All green sprout items are products […]

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    KeriCure Skin Protectant

    posted on 09.22.2014 by Dana

    Let’s be honest, I could use this product about 5 times a day or more with the amount of cuts and scrapes my kids accumulate on any given day that ends in Y! And the very first day, I don’t even think the package had been opened yet, was the day we tried out KeriCure…and […]


    posted on 09.22.2014 by Dana
    AI Stone-627-Edit copy

    SLUMBER PARTY IDEAS: WARNING, SLEEP MAY NOT OCCUR By LittleTwigAndSparrow.com Now that kids are reconnecting with their class mates, parents will definitely receive ongoing slumber party requests. While the weather is still warm, why not have some of the slumber party fun outside! Depending on the age of your guests, “slumber” may not occur, but […]

    Bumbleride’s New Indie 4 {PLUS, must have accessories}

    posted on 09.17.2014 by Dana
    Indie 4

    Bumbleride welcomed it’s newest stroller addition this Summer, just in time for end of Summer travels, Fall outings, and the holiday craziness to come! The New Bumbleride Indie 4 takes you directly from leaving the hospital {yes, the bassinet attachment is included} and keeps you going year after year, one adventure to the next. Mall […]

    How to Get Fit With Your Kids

    posted on 09.17.2014 by Dana

    How to Get Fit With Your Kids By Jen Joas, MyUrbanHalo.com Moms have to be the busiest people on the planet! Between 2am feedings, running the kids to school and activities, working and running a household, who has time to go to the gym? Working out at home saves time and money. Fitness experts say […]

    Tips To Help Your Tot Break The Pacifier Habit

    posted on 09.15.2014 by Dana
    A_pacifiers on the flour_2

    Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Tips To Help Your Tot Break The Pacifier Habit By Vivienne Van Eijkelenborg, Difrax As any baby will tell you, breaking up is hard to do! When it’s time for your child to say “goodbye” to her pacifier, it can be very emotional and provide quite the struggle. After […]

    CamelBak Relay {GIVEAWAY}

    posted on 09.04.2014 by Dana
    Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.17.09 AM

    We’ve been a filtered water family for years and years. Our house has a whole water filter – that happens to be super expensive to replace the filters, and it also happens to be broken and has been for several months. Even though our drinking water is perfectly fine within the city, it’s just not […]

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    Culver Cutie bags

    posted on 09.29.2014 by Dana

    This week we are heading up to NY for my baby brother’s wedding! I’ve been packing for days…having to pack for 6 people going from shorts and tees weather to pants and hoodies weather is NOT fun. Mind you, it’s a 12 hour + car ride as well so on top of all the suitcases, […]

    John Deere Monster Treads RC Gator {GIVEAWAY}

    posted on 09.22.2014 by Dana

    I walked into a restaurant the other day and the waiter was quite a chatterbox. He was fascinated by our little girl {who was the only child with us at the time} but confused by the “Boymom University” tee I was wearing. I had to politely explain to him that no, Boymom University was not […]

    Disney On Ice ~ Princesses & Heroes {GIVEAWAY – CHARLOTTE}

    posted on 09.17.2014 by Dana
    New D27 Title Logo

    It’s that time of year again!! Disney On Ice is back here in Charlotte, NC. For the past several years, our family has enjoyed a night out with just the younger two kids, downtown, enjoying some one on one while they thrive in watching the ever fabulous Disney On Ice show! Enter a world where […]

    Babiators – Rocket Pack Backpacks

    posted on 09.15.2014 by Dana

    What I live for right now…Back to School WEEKENDS! With the craziness that is now the back to school season, Friday can not come soon enough week after week. Sure sure, back in a routine is quite lovely but the constant going makes me long for Summer once more. No, I take that back, I […]

    Konfidence – Swim ALL.YEAR.LONG

    posted on 09.04.2014 by Dana

    Don’t say it…Summer is NOT over. Sure sure, school is in session and parents are jumping for joy to have time to themselves once again, yet…me, myself and I are having a hard time letting go. If you didn’t notice, we were gone on “leave” for most of the Summer months. After years of traveling […]

    5 Tips To Help Families Unplug From Technology

    posted on 09.04.2014 by Dana
    Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.40.12 AM

    5 Tips To Help Families Unplug From Technology By Jennifer Chung, Kinsights.com Our lives feel busier than ever – cell phones, tablets and laptops can certainly help us be more efficient, but they can also make us feel like we need to be accessible to everyone all the time. Kids are introduced to technology at […]

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