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    Montage Monday


    Photo ornament from ISeeMe! {plus lots of DISCOUNTS}

    posted on 11.21.2014 by Dana

    Make your child the star of your tree with a personalized photo ornament from ISeeMe! Remember what I always say, “Personalization is KEY when gift giving for the holidays!!” ISeeMe.com makes it so easy to get brilliant, unique gifts for the kids that will make cherished keepsakes for their entire lives!  ISeeMe.com is not only […]

    mayapple baby {teething bliss}

    posted on 11.17.2014 by Dana

    Little SJ – our drooling, teething, getting into everything, overly excited, chunky monkey, 11 month old beauty of a niece is such a fun addition to our family right now! I love watching her grow into a soon to be toddler, watching her happy demeanor thrive, and seeing how excited she gets over her favorite […]

    The Ollie Swaddle

    posted on 11.12.2014 by Emily Blake

    written by our first time mom: Emily November is my favorite month out of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, but it is also Thanksgiving, which carries my favorite holiday menu. The weather allows for cold evenings full of warm beverages and fires in the fireplace, but days where you can still […]

    Sticky Bellies

    posted on 11.11.2014 by Emily Blake

    written by our first time mom and Pinterest Princess: Emily So, I, like most of us, have become a Pinterest Princess over the last couple of years. I love pinning ideas for everything from recipes, to items for our home, to DIY projects. With Baby Seamus just two months from arrival, I have been a […]

    Bumbleride Announces First All-Black Stroller

    posted on 11.07.2014 by Dana

    This beauty is going to be turning heads for sure!! In only three days this week, I locked in 16 miles with run/walk/bike and stroller. It’s been a motivating, uplifting week and it’s not over yet! Mind you, I LOVE my Indie Fog Grey and use it almost everyday, but this Indie 4 in JET […]

    Friendly Rooster Charlotte Event {GIVEAWAY over on TBCN}

    posted on 11.05.2014 by Dana

    Kelley and I are looking forward to a fun event Friday night with Friendly Rooster! Head on over to The Best Crowe’s Nest {our editor Kelley’s very own blog} to learn more about the brands they carry, the SHOES, and a fabulous GIVEAWAY! More to come from me after we meet and greet Friday night […]

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    Toto Knits Shop

    posted on 11.17.2014 by Dana

    For Halloween, Gigi was Cinderella {I talked her out of ANY Frozen character…she wasn’t one of the 30 we saw down one street}, yet she wouldn’t let anyone see her beautiful dress because of how chilly it was that night. It was our first cold night of the season here in Charlotte, NC and we […]

    SoapBox Soaps

    posted on 11.11.2014 by Dana
    Halloween Soap

    You know what I love most about this time of year??? The SMELLS! So many different smells that mesh together to make me feel so warm, comfortable, and cozy…even when it’s super duper cold outside! Our area is suppose to get hit with HIGHS in the 40s by week end, that’s uncalled for this time […]

    katebaby jammies

    posted on 11.07.2014 by Dana

    Love new brands!!! Love promoting them! Love them even more when my niece, at only 11 months old, is in love with them too!! katebaby.com was welcomed into the world this year and we’re so happy they joined the world of organic jammies, clothing, gifts and beyond!! Made from organic cotton, the katebaby pajamas are […]

    Pure Stella Skin Care

    posted on 11.05.2014 by Dana

    Brought to you right from our lovely Charlotte, NC, we bring to you today luxurious in a bottle! If there was ever a time that you would want to wear a clay mask all the time, everyday, no matter where you go…this would be the time, and Pure Stella Skin Care would be the place […]

    Dapple Baby {GIVEAWAY}

    posted on 10.28.2014 by Dana

    {guest post by our newest maternity editor, Emily} My husband and I are recent transplants to the Charlotte, NC area. We moved into a rental home that had not had anyone in it for a few months. Needless to say, it needed to be cleaned from top to bottom! My goal in life has always […]

    50% OFF the entire Nature’s Sleep Site!

    posted on 10.22.2014 by Dana

    I love these sales!! Love sharing them with you and hope you take advantage of 50% OFF over at Nature’s Sleep.

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    Belabumbum {Maternity Sleep & Lounge}

    posted on 11.21.2014 by Emily Blake

    written by our first time mommy: Emily Let’s face it, when you’re pregnant, especially late in term, all you can think about is comfort. We think about it when trying to sleep, dress, and move. The changes in body temperature and baby positioning don’t help either! However, with Seamus’s arrival coming quicker everyday, I am […]

    Top Pregnancy Myths Debunked

    posted on 11.19.2014 by Dana
    Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.59.48 AM

    By Julie McCaffrey, PishPoshBaby.com The minute you announce you’re pregnant, well-meaning friends, family and even strangers feel the urge to share their pregnancy stories and an array of pregnancy myths that you never asked for. You may find some of the stories amusing while others may send you into a state of unnecessary neuroses. While […]

    15% OFF Little Passports {with your Mabel’s Labels purchase}

    posted on 11.18.2014 by Dana

    Two of our favorites pairing together for the holidays, LOVE IT! Get some Holiday Return Address Labels labels for you, and a brilliant educational gift for the kids! With any Mabel’s Labels purchase through December 5th, receive a 15% off Little Passports promo code. Details: Offer: Receive a 15% off Little Passports promo code with […]

    The Children’s Place 2014 Holiday Collection

    posted on 11.18.2014 by Dana
    The Children

    Check out that savings on my receipt below. UM, does that say over $128 dollars?? Why yes, yes it does!! Saving that much money in 1 shopping trip is pretty amazing right?? I’ve shopped at The Children’s Place for all my kids for as long as I can remember. When I think of quality clothing […]

    BIG HERO 6 {Disney does it right, again!}

    posted on 11.17.2014 by Dana

    Did you catch this movie yet over the past two weekends? If not, make plans to head out with the kids to enjoy this classic before it leaves the theaters! Yes there will be tears, yes there will be belly giggles, and yes there will be pure entertainment! We were able to see this beautifully made […]

    Southern Christmas Show {Charlotte, NC – GIVEAWAY}

    posted on 11.12.2014 by Dana

    Tomorrow is the first day of the Southern Christmas Show!!!! I’m so excited! This is my ultimate favorite time of year. Going to the show year after year with my family and friends absolutely puts me in the holiday spirit! I feel like I’m dragging getting in the mood to shop and eat and be […]

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    Our Top 10 Gift Picks from Ravensburger

    posted on 11.21.2014 by Dana
    Our favorite from Ravensburger - 3D puzzles. This you HAVE to try! You will fall in love! It

    Every year for several years now, Ravensburger brand products have been under our tree OR given throughout the year. I can honestly say that this brand is #1 in providing quality entertainment for my children all year round. Puzzles, games, creative imaginative play, and so much more, comes from within Ravensburger and keeps the Blake kids […]

    ONE DAY ONLY – 50% off The Happy Trunk

    posted on 11.21.2014 by Dana

    Kids hands on projects delivered right to your door! This is an amazing ONE DAY ONLY deal on The Happy Trunk! This would make a wonderful gift for the holiday season and surely keep your kiddos happy and entertained during the LONG holiday breaks to come! Enjoy!!

    Fun For All Ages {LeapFrog #LeapTV}

    posted on 11.21.2014 by Kelley Crowe

    We were excited to have some friends over recently for an after school playdate and check out LeapFrog’s newest creation; LeapTV! My littles are huge LeapFrog fans, using their Tag Reader’s on a daily basis and always eager to learn, so we were psyched to get this out of the box and test it out! […]

    LilGadgets {GIVEAWAY}

    posted on 11.19.2014 by Dana

    If I had a quarter for every time I had to say “TURN THAT DOWN”…… Between all the devices, the video games, the laptops, there’s endless noise coming from technology in our house! Yet, have you ever tried to give the younger ones earbuds? First, they have a very hard time getting them in their […]

    Saranoni Toddler to Teen Blanket

    posted on 11.18.2014 by Dana

    All little A needs after a Sunday bath is a toasty fire and his favorite blanket. This is where you will find our boy on any given night, snug in his jammies, watching a fire, with a Saranoni Toddler to Teen blanket wrapped around his shoulders. He sleeps with it and he relaxes with it, […]

    Snapper Rock {GIVEAWAY}

    posted on 11.17.2014 by Dana

    For those of you that have already seen some snow {sorry}, this post is for you! Are you longing for the beach yet? Maybe not yet…but give it a few more weeks. Is there a WARM vacation planned in your future that you cannot wait for? Take me with you!! Or are you like us […]

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