Glass Dharma {free straw!}

Monday, April 7th, 2014

IMG_7841I am in love with glass straws, especially Glass Dharma’s Decorative Dots! My 7 year old loves drinking from a straw. Several years ago, I got tired of throwing out disposable straws and I went on a search for reusable options. That’s when I found Glass Dharma. I was a bit skeptical about glass and a 4 year old, but thought I’d try anyways. The straw is made with borosilicate glass, which is resistant to thermal shock. They can still break, but it isn’t an easy task.

We have only lost 1 straw in 3 years, and all Glass Dharma straws have a life time breakage warranty! Glass Dharma has a variety of sizes in their Simple Elegance collection, Beautiful Bends straw, and my favorite- the Decorative Dots.

1978641_10152038273208733_730470463_nI was sent a gift card from Glass Dharma, so I decided to purchase the Decorative Dots Ice Tea 4 Pack. It comes with 4 straws with a blue dot, amber, green, and red. They have a 5.5mm diameter and are great for most beverages. The Decorative Dots also has the Sipper, Smoothie, and Bubble Tea straw size. You can get the set for $44 or purchase singles for $10-$12.

IMG_7840For Earth Day 2014 Glass Dharma is (has already) giving out over 1000 glass straws!! This is their 6th annual event to bring awareness about alternatives to single use plastics. Here is some info on how you can get your free straw!

“Disposable” plastics have a large impact on our environment and this Earth Day you can learn how easy it is to make different choices to sustain our Planet. GlassDharma’s Earth Day trivia activity went live on March 10th and in the first 24 hours they had over 1000 entries! That’s ok, they are still giving out more! Since they have already reached the first 1000 straws to give away- with free shipping, they are now in the second phase. This is where you will receive a coupon code that can be used on their website for an Earth Day Straw or towards something else with you paying any difference and shipping. Shipping in the US for 1 straw usually is around $3. Inspiring others by example makes a lasting impact that multiplies over time. When you get your straw, show it off!

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Healthy & Nutritious #JuicePlusLife #ad

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Being a mom of two young kids and on a crazy schedule of preschool drop off and pick up, fitting in working out, blogging, and everything in between at home; it’s so hard to keep my health.. let alone the whole family’s in check! There are so many companies out there today deceiving us too and claiming they are good for us, when in reality; they really aren’t.

Juice Plus

Finding Juice Plus has been a lifesaver for me! I haven’t even taken a daily vitamin in such a long time, because every time I thought I found one that was healthy and providing me the nutrients I needed in a vitamin, I would find out it wasn’t. I also have been struggling to find something for my kids that is free of dye’s and other junk. My precious babies deserve something so much better than that!


I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Dr. Bill Sears (author of The Baby Book among other best sellers) and his son, Dr. Jim Sears (of the hit tv show The Doctors) about the benefits of Juice Plus. While I was absolutely star struck (I’ve read almost ALL of Dr. Sears’ books throughout pregnancy and raising two toddlers,) I take both of their advice so seriously and it was truly an honor to pick their brands and learn more.


What Did I Learn?

  • Juice Plus has been around longer than most of the other companies out there
  • Juice Plus is one of the most reputable and health barring companies there is
  • There is more science and studies behind these products than meets the eye
  • Juice Plus promotes blood vessel health (according to Dr. Bill Sears, blood vessel health is one of the most important aspects of our health we should be paying attention to.) Every organ is only as healthy as the blood vessel supplying it….. & the list goes on and on

There are so many positive things I learned about these products (and I can back up since I’ve been taking them) that I honestly can’t even share it all in one blog post, so I’ll be featuring several parts to this so you can really learn about how truly amazing these products are.


Juice Plus consists of some different options, chewables, capsules, and Complete Nutrition Shakes. I’ve been not only drinking a shake a day, but taking six capsules (two of the Garden Blend, two of the Vineyard Blend, and two of the Orchard Blend once a day) and my kids have been taking the chewables. I feel so great! I have more energy and feel healthier just knowing I’m taking these vitamins, which are literally crushed up fruits and vegetables on a daily basis!

Dr. Jim Sears talked about drinking a shake for breakfast and sometimes even twice a day due to their high source of nutrition. Taking these daily Juice Plus supplements takes the worry away from being a mom and wondering if I’m feeding my kids enough healthy foods. Each person needs ten fistfuls of fruits and veggies a day; it’s very rare that someone is eating that many fruits and veggies; which is why taking a supplement like these is so important for our overall health.



So many positives come with eating fruits and veggies, such as :

  • Better vision
  • Healthier heart
  • Smoother skin… and the list goes on!

Introducing Juice Plus to my family has been the start of a complete change in our health. Being a mom who cares so deeply about the ingredients in the food I’m preparing, I have such a feeling of ease knowing I’ve found this company.


Stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing some fun recipes and ways to get creative with introducing Juice Plus and fruits and veggies to your kiddos along with some more useful information you won’t want to miss!!


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i play: Green Sprouts Easy To Go

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

I love shopping locally and there are a ton of great NC based companies. One of my favorites, i play, was founded 32 years ago and they design their products in Asheville, NC. They have 2 lines, i play which focuses on outdoor play and green sprouts which focuses on inside. All green sprout items are products are free from PVC, BPA, and formamides.

You can find items like raincoats, boots, swimwear, water shoes, layette, winter wear, feeding items, personal care items, toys, and more!

Now that the weather is warming up, we are planning more day trips and activities. We went to the zoo last weekend and we got to test out our new green sprouts easy to go goodies!


We were sent the On Safari Backpack, Safari Bento Box, and Safari Snack Bags. Which both easily fit into the lightweight backpack. The Safari Backpack has a magnetic closure with drawstring and adjustable straps. It is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers to carry books, a change of clothes, toys, snacks, rocks, or whatever treasures they may pick up along the way. The backpack is available as a monkey, lion, hippo, alligator, or elephant for only $19.


The Safari Bento Box is perfect for small appetites! It has 3 compartments- the bowl bottom and a nesting divided tray. The bowl will hold crackers, a small sandwich, or fresh fruit and veggies. The divided tray is great for bite size snacks like freeze dried fruits or veggies, puffs, mini rice cakes, Annies Bunnies. It has a locking lid to prevent spilling. It will fit easily in your diaper bag, or you can get the matching backpack! You can get the Safari Bento Box for $8.


The Safari Snack Bags are made with a waterproof EVA material that is easy to wipe down or wash in the sink. The bags are great for crackers, nuts, small sandwiches, dried fruit, or any other small snack. They are sold as a 2 pack with 1 large and 1 small snack bag which both will fit into lunch bags, purses, diaper bags, or backpacks. They are available in each animal option for only $9.

The Easy To Go line also includes placemats, insulated food travel, lunch bags, cups, utensils, wipes, chillers, and more.

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R.W. Knudsen Family® Nature’s Peak™ juice blends

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014


Grocery shopping now a days takes a toll. GMOS, dyes, toxics oh my! You could spend endless hours of your time reading labels and doing the research. Even when it comes to the little things…juice! It’s fruit juice for goodness sakes, shouldn’t it actually come from fruit?? Hubby and I have been juicing for over a year now and we’re loving it, but when it comes to the kids, I’ve always been so skeptical of what I pick up off the shelves. Happy to report…we found a juice that is adult AND kid approved!!

R.W. Knudsen Family® Nature’s Peak™ juice blends have, or should I say DON’T HAVE, everything we’ve been looking for! NO GMOs, no preservatives, no added sugar, no artificial flavors!

The blends are awesome too!! If we can’t juice our own and mix fruits and veggies for the best combination, we’ll stick with R.W. Knudsen Family® Nature’s Peak™ . Straight up or mixed as a smoothie, the Berry Veggie Blend is our favorite! Apple, sweet potato, red beet, strawberry, blackberry, purple carrot and raspberry…UM YUM!! Want to know the best way to drink this delicious blend:

Take a cup of Berry Veggie Blend, added a half cup of frozen pineapples, a handful of spinach…BLEND. The best Spring or Summer tasty treat for morning, noon, or night! The Blake kids give it 8 thumbs up!!


About R.W. Knudsen Family® Nature’s Peak™:

In 1961, when Russel W. Knudsen began bottling fruit juices from his organic grape vineyard, he did so on one condition: his fresh pressed and blended juices would never have artificial flavors, preservatives or sugar added to them. This commitment ensured that customers who came up the hill to Knudsen’s Paradise, California, Concord grape vineyard could always buy the finest juice available. Little did the R.W. Knudsen Family® know, he was starting a tradition of innovation in health-conscious products.

R.W. Knudsen Family® has produced quality, all-natural juice products since 1961. Its offerings include more than 125 types of natural and organic fruit and vegetable juices, carbonated fruit beverages, and specialty items including Recharge® all-natural sports drinks. R.W. Knudsen Family® products are all-natural made without artificial flavors or preservatives, and never contain added sugar.


Canyon Bakehouse {Review & Giveaway}

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

It seems like so many people these days have an intolerance to gluten, soy, or dairy; and even if someone doesn’t have an intolerance, so many people are choosing a gluten free and healthier lifestyle.

What’s hard though, is finding the food that suits your lifestyle. It’s so hard to know what ingredients are what these days, but Canyon Bakehouse breads are made with 100% whole grains and ONLY clean ingredeints. Gone are the days of yoga-mat material in your bread!

Canyon Bakehouse Logo - NEW


Their products include a great variety too!

  •  7-Grain
  • Cinnamon Raisin
  • Mountain White
  • Deli Rye Style
  • Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia
  • Hamburger Buns
  • Hot Dog Buns
  • Cranberry Crunch Muffins

I’ve had a hard time getting my husband to try gluten free products due to the taste, but we got to try out the Rosemary & Thyme Focaccia, Hamburger Buns, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, and 7-grain bread and so far – even the kids are eating it up! I even froze the hamburger buns to use with some greek chicken burgers I froze for a later date too!

Not only does my family love the taste and the ingredients, but the variety too!




I love how these breads are also made by a family owned company and all products are :

  • Made in a dedicated gluten free bakery
  • Dairy, nut & soy free
  • GMO-free
  • Family-owned, located in Loveland, Colo.

When I was still breastfeeding my daughter, she was allergic to dairy and soy and let me just say – it was NOT EASY to find dairy and soy free bread! And most of what I did find didn’t have a really big variety, didn’t taste good, or was free one, but not the other.

In a world where what’s in our food is such a scary thing these days, it’s so refreshing to find a company that makes trustworthy products free of all of those toxic ingredients we should stay away from, isn’t it!?

Now you can enter to win your own pack of the same goodies I got that I mentioned above! I bet your kids will eat it up as much as mine do!!


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BabyElan {daily} Sample Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received from said company, as stated within the editorial.