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Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

It’s not too early to start stocking up for the holiday to come! Toys toys, and more toys!

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Time to replace your pillows!! {50% off at Nature’s Sleep}

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

It’s time for our family to stock up on new pillows {we snagged this sale last time!!}, join us!

Get ready for Fall by throwing out that old mattress AND those old pillows, and get deep savings on a new ones. You deserve it after making it through that long, hot summer! Nature’s Sleep has memory foam mattresses, memory foam toppers, memory foam pillows, and even memory foam for your couch and your feet!

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SIGG {Make Summer Hydration Fun!}

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Pool season is officially HERE and our family could not be more excited!!! Now that preschool is officially out for the summer, we are ready… SO READY to spend our days at the pool! Lots of time in the sun though, means staying hydrated and I don’t know about you, but getting my kids to take a water break in between cannon balls and dives isn’t always on the top of their priorities.

Sigg  Make Summer Hydration Fun



Lucky for us.. SIGG makes it so.much.FUN! These new designs for summer are sure to get your kids excited for water breaks and moms like how durable they are! We cart these cups to soccer practice, the pool. in the car – everywhere! I love how much water they can fill (traditional zippy cups normally are much smaller and my five year old chugs that all in one sip!)

My daughter literally wants to be a mermaid, so she is infatuated with this fun design! And my son is all about dino’s and truck’s and cars, so he of course thinks this green dino cup is the coolest of them all! The fact that they’re BPA and phthalate free, durable, AND leak proof (you can’t tell me you haven’t shouted out at those sippy cups that literally seem to spill EVERYWHERE!) I know I have.. and SIGG has done it right! These literally fit the bill all the way around and there’s a SIGG design to meet every occasion!

Stay hydrated all summer long and have fun while you do it! What design would your kiddos enjoy the most? Check out SIGG on Facebook and Twitter and let me know!

BabyElan {daily} Sample Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received from said company, as stated within the editorial.

Get Greener with Bumbleride® Strollers

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Eco-Conscious Stroller Company Reduces Eco ‘Footprints’ with Recycled, Sustainable Materials


As much as we talk about our love for the Bumbleride® Strollers, for how amazing they are doing the job as a STROLLER, we’ve never touched base on how amazing they are as a company. Did you know that the quality materials behind Bumbleride® Strollers were shifted last year to more eco-friendly?


Every Bumbleride is now made with 50% recycled PET exterior fabric and 50% bamboo charcoal interior fabric.

Below you will find the early 2014 Press Release but first, our thoughts on the material that surrounds the Bumbleride Indie we own.

To be able to push around our beloved daughter over the past several months in a stroller that is not only top in it’s class in durability, stability, style…but also environmentally cautious, is a true pleasure! Gigi is riding on fabric that is chemical-free. That’s an amazing feeling to be able to provide that as a parent. The fabric has a luxury all it’s own, it’s soft and easily cleaned and managed, so from the outside it’s superb! And from the inside, well…the Bumbleride brand has truly embraced the day and age and driven their products to where we all want to be as parents making the world healthier for our children:

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 27, 2014) – Offering a smooth ride for babies and a chic, modern aesthetic for parents,Bumbleride continues to raise the stroller standard this Earth Day by reducing families’ carbon-footprints as they stroll.Bumbleride strollers and accessories boast a unique blend of eco-conscious recycled plastic and bamboo-derived rayon fabrics in bright, fashionable colors to give parents anenvironmentally-friendly, yet stylish, stroller option in which to explore Mother Nature.

Available in vibrant hues like Cayenne Red, Aquamarine, and Green Papyrus, Bumbleride’s 2014 all-terrain, joggingtravel and urban strollers feature a dual-faceted eco-construction: the exterior fabric is made with 50% recycled PET from plastic bottles, and the interior fabric consists of 50% renewable bamboo charcoal. 

“Bumbleride proves that parents don’t need to make sacrifices in personal style, comfort or philosophy when shopping for strollers,” says Marketing Coordinator Ryan Willson. “We work tirelessly and exercise the utmost discernment in selecting fabrics and materials that satisfy modern parents’ concerns—for the planet, for their babies, and for themselves.”

RECYCLED: 14 Plastic Bottles = 1 Stroller

Bumbleride’s exterior fabric is made in part from recycled PET (or polyethylene terephthalate), a polyester commonly used in plastic packaging such as water bottles. Willson explains that instead of using polyesters made from newly constructed synthetic fibers, Bumbleride’s exterior fabric puts existing synthetic resources to use, therefore conserving material and reducing plastic waste. Their unique PET/polyester blend employs the sterilized plastic from 14 water bottles to produce the stroller fabric in one Bumbleride Indie stroller, for example.

SUSTAINABLE: Chemical-Free Bamboo

For the interior stroller fabric, Bumbleride uses a soft material that is comfortable and healthy for kids while environmentally clean and responsible, Willson explains. The distinctive bamboo charcoal blend harnesses the innate properties of bamboo grass (a renewable resource that naturally grows fast without the need for fertilizers, nutrients or pesticides) to provide soft, durable, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating and antibacterial qualities to the seat and interior of the stroller. Unlike the typical chemically-manufactured bamboo fabric, Bumbleride’s eco-fabric blend is made with raw grass fibers that are broken down into tiny nano-particles and then infused into polyester fabric. 

About Bumbleride:

Founded in San Diego, California in 2004, Bumbleride strollers balance superior function with luxury design to provide sophisticated, active families with lasting value. Streamlined and intuitively engineered designs make life easier and more comfortable for babies and parents, while fresh, fashion-forward color schemes, fabrics and silhouettes offer discerning parents a heightened stroller aesthetic. Along with informed, inspired and ergonomic designs, social and environmental responsibility and personalized customer care are at the core of the Bumbleride experience.

Next time we visit the Bumbleride Stroller brand, we’ll introduce you to the new Indie 4!!

BabyElan {daily} Sample Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received from said company, as stated within the editorial.