Our Generation Dolls {GIVEAWAY}

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

I just told Gigi this very evening that she was going to make an amazing mommy when she gets older! Want to know how she spent her night after dinner?? She made every single one of her baby dolls a bead necklace {you know the ones, the pipe cleaners and the little beads – those beads that are in every crease and crevice of your house!}. She marked them with Gigi love. Seems like such a small gesture but remember, G is only 3, it took her patience and skill to make those necklaces, and not one baby was left out! Her beloved Shannon {below} was the first to get bling of course!

It truly is amazing how in love my little girl can be with the dolls she calls her babies. I am beyond proud to watch her act like a tentative little mommy or big sister. The Shannon doll from the Our Generation brand {sold exclusively at Target} brings out G’s lovable imagination all day long! At amazingly affordable prices, you can bring a true friendship into your home with these classic beauties. The little ladies love how realistic the dolls are, complete with outfits and accessories {ones that come with the doll and ones to purchase separately}. For example, look at all that Shannon comes with:

1 18″ Poseable doll, 1 plaid dress with belt, 1 hoddie, 1 pair of cargo pants, 1 pair of pink underpants, 1 pair of knit socks, 1 pair of hiking boots, 1 pair of new croc shoes, 1 stick, 1 marshmallow, 1 hot dog, 1 camping dish, 1 camping cup, 1 canteen, 1 pen, 1 rope bracelet, 1 map, 1 loose leaf, 1 travel book, 1 OG story book “Magic Under the Stars”, 1 bookmark

SCORE for the holidays! Did we mention that the price rocks? Shannon is available for only $34.99 at right now! I’ve seen sales on the Our Generation brand in stores quite often lately. If you have a girl in your life, there’s a doll out there for her. Check out the dolls themselves if you are looking for a timeless toy that “looks like” your child or purchase on the meaning behind the doll. Each doll comes with a story. A meaningful heartfelt story that your young girls can relate to and learn from. So perfect for all year round gift giving and bonding time!

Learn more about the dolls and their stories over at Our Generation; make your purchases at Target! If you read anything today {besides this review}, read the story behind the Our Generation dolls HERE. The story goes well beyond the doll!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.54.11 AM

GIVEAWAY: Say hello to the Jenny doll. She’s a baker with a heart of gold! And she could be yours! Simply fill out the form below to enter, good luck to all!

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Educational Insights {2 WINNERS – GIVEAWAY}

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

How many items on your child’s Christmas list are truly “educational”? It’s few and far between I’m sure. Each of our boys has a book or two on their list, the rest is toys and tech. No worries, Santa seems to have a talent for squeezing educational fun under the tree that the kids actually enjoy the most out of all the goodness they receive! And Educational Insights is the first place SANTA shops for true learning through pretend play goodness! Here’s a couple recent picks we know you will love:


Games, mind teasers, and puzzles are things our boys enjoy to the fullest! I always make sure we have several available as gifts throughout the year, definitely under the tree, at least 1 as a stocking stuffer, and we give the gift of creative play as often as possible. Kanoodle is a new one for us but thrilled we were able to give it a try, it’s a keeper! There are endless possibilities to construct in this game/puzzle/mind strengthening tool. Best part, it’s portable! All that holiday traveling in your near future…this will keep them busy for sure!

Knot your noodle! Construct caboodles of 2-D and 3-D puzzles with this brain-twisting solitaire game. Pick a puzzle from the book, set up the challenge, and then place the remaining pieces to solve the puzzle. Hundreds of possible combinations, but only one completes the puzzle!


The Design & Drill brand has been a favorite in our house for years! I mean, we do have 3 boys and their daddy is a carpenter…so there’s that! Our boys build and create with anything they can get their hands on. Design & Drill allows for that same creativity at a safe, kid-friendly scale. Our newest love, the Design & Drill Socket to Me set. So much fun to be had!!

GIVEAWAY: Two winners! One lucky winner will receive a Design & Drill Socket to Me set and One lucky winner will receive a Kanoodle game. Simply fill out the form below to enter, good luck to all!

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LilGadgets {GIVEAWAY}

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

If I had a quarter for every time I had to say “TURN THAT DOWN”…… Between all the devices, the video games, the laptops, there’s endless noise coming from technology in our house! Yet, have you ever tried to give the younger ones earbuds? First, they have a very hard time getting them in their ears. And second, they never stay in their ears. Plus, their little ear drums are sensitive. They need something made just for them. Something that I’m sure is on many of your Christmas lists out there:  Wireless headphones made FOR KIDS.


Available at, the LilGadgets line of untangled Pro Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for kids are, simply put…AWESOME! They really rock in the style department, look quite similar to brands that you would spend hundreds of dollars on but at a fraction of the cost! Our little A has had the privilege to use these beauties {in white – I’m digging the white color but there are 6 different striking colors available} over the past week and he’s in his glory! No more hiding under the covers to conceal the sound or leaving the room to watch something different on the tablet when his sister is watching Care Bears for the 16th hundred time!


Our boys are all getting older {6, 8 and 2 weeks shy of 13}, which means the holiday gift giving this year has gotten frustrating. No more action figures and “baby” items. It’s all about technology {or cash per the 13 year old}. That’s another reason why we love LilGadgets for the holidays, as your children grow. These are not “babyish”, they are made just for this age group, for the ones that want and need the quality just like we do as adults, but in a design that fits there little heads perfectly!

Check out all the colors HERE and make your purchase on


GIVEAWAY: one lucky winner gets their pick, any color LilGadgets Untangled Pro Bluetooth Wireless Headphone – for kids. Simply fill out the form below to enter, good luck to all!

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Snapper Rock {GIVEAWAY}

Monday, November 17th, 2014

For those of you that have already seen some snow {sorry}, this post is for you! Are you longing for the beach yet? Maybe not yet…but give it a few more weeks. Is there a WARM vacation planned in your future that you cannot wait for? Take me with you!! Or are you like us and just visit your neighborhood indoor pool that gets you thru the Winter months? The smell of chlorine is so common in our house I’m growing to actually like it. Here’s a little off season swimwear fun for your little ones, with a GIVEAWAY to top it off!


Love the name of this brand:  Snapper Rock. That’s one I’ll remember! Boy oh boy do I want the beach back after receiving G’s Snapper Rock swimwear set. Unique designs with sun protection built in, that’s all you need for a splendid day at the beach, whether it be in July or December complete with twinkle lights on palm trees!



UV50 + protection swimwear that looks even better then it protects!! Blocks 98% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays, plus it’s quick drying, lightweight and very breathable…a swimsuit they will enjoy wearing time and time again.

Now’s the time to snag swimwear at a steal! Check out the Snapper Rock SALES!

Need more to fall in love with? Snapper Rock also gives back! They sponsor and support groups like The Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation and The K.I.D.S charity, plus more! Read all about each organization HERE.


GIVEAWAY:  One lucky winner will receive a full set from Snapper Rock {i.e. baby sunsuit + hat or bathing suit with rash guard, or trunks with rash guard} of the winner’s choice. Simply fill out the form below, good luck to all!!

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Southern Christmas Show {Charlotte, NC – GIVEAWAY}

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Tomorrow is the first day of the Southern Christmas Show!!!! I’m so excited! This is my ultimate favorite time of year. Going to the show year after year with my family and friends absolutely puts me in the holiday spirit! I feel like I’m dragging getting in the mood to shop and eat and be merry…until I walk into the conference center here in Charlotte, NC and am greeted with the sights, sounds, and smells that are truly magically this time of year.

We make our trip to the Southern Christmas Show a girl’s day out, and have for years. As much as the kids adore going as well since it’s such a family friendly event, this is mommy time to get some ideas, do some shopping, and eat Eat EAT! Remember kids, if mom isn’t in the holiday spirit and all happy and jolly, no one will be!

The Southern Christmas Show this year in Charlotte, NC runs from November 13th {tomorrow!!!!} – November 23th at the Park Expo and Conference Center. Here’s details for you so you can plan your trip out accordingly. We plan on heading down there this Sunday!


Adults: $11.00 at the door
Youth: $3.00 (Ages 6-12) Children under 6 free with paying adult
Advance Tickets: $10.00
Groups: (20 or more; Advance Only) $9.50

Harris Teeter: Advance tickets are available starting October 23 at regional Harris Teeter locations, $9.50. (With Your Vic Card) For a list of stores, click here: Harris Teeter Locations
Preview Night Hours and Admission:
Preview Night Tickets available at the door or by calling 704-376-6594.
Wednesday, November 12
Adults: $17 advance, $20 at the door (Includes parking)
Youth: $3.00 (Ages 6-12) Children under 6 FREE with paying adult

Parking at the Park Expo and Conference Center and Bojangles Arena: $7.00 all day for cars; buses FREE
Valet Parking: The Park Expo and Conference Center will be offering valet parking for the Southern Christmas Show. This front-door service will allow show guests to pull up right across from the show entrance, and also make loading those packages afterwards a snap. Valet parking can be purchased at the normal entrances to the main parking lot. Cost is $18 (cash only-normal parking charge is $7). If the main lot is full, there may still be valet parking available, so please let the police officers directing traffic know you want to valet park.

Standard size push wheelchairs are available on a first-come basis at the entrance coat check. Rental is $1. You will also be asked to provide a driver’s license, which we will hold until the wheelchair is returned. Wheelchairs may not be reserved. Oversized and motorized wheelchairs are not available.

Open Daily November 13-23
Monday: 10am-6pm
Wednesday: 10am-9pm
Thursdays: 10am-9pm
Fridays: 10am-9pm
Saturdays: 10am-9pm
Sundays: 10am-6pm

*Notice for Saturday, November 15.
Please note that due to a major event taking place at Bojangles Arena, parking on Saturday, November 15 will be limited. We recommend, that if possible, you plan your visit to the show on another day. If you plan to attend on November 15, we recommend that you arrive before 11 am, or after 3 pm.


GIVEAWAY: Time to plan your trip, whether a girl’s day like us or with your entire family! We’ve got 2 sets of 4 tickets to GIVEAWAY to the Charlotte, NC event. Simply fill out the form below to enter, good luck to all! This is a quick giveaway so hurry!

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We were provided tickets from the show in exchange for promotion. Opinions on the show are all our own!