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Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

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Friday, October 31st, 2014

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American Girl’s Victorian-Era Character, Samantha Parkington, Returns! {FREE SHIPPING}

Friday, October 31st, 2014

First and foremost, the highlight of my year:  American Girl has opened a store here in Charlotte, NC in Southpark Mall. We have yet to venture over there but I’m sure there’s a playdate in our near future browsing this new Charlotte treasure!! My Facebook feed has been blowing up with moms and their gals enjoying the fun that is the American Girl Store.

Now…on to who we will be bringing with us when we do venture to the store…

Picture our typical week day AM:  It’s a quiet morning in our house. Daddy is doing laundry, the boys are all at school, Mommy is on the computer {of course}, and G is doing what she does every weekday morning – watching Curious George and playing with her baby dolls, dressing and undressing them, feeding them, getting them ready for the day. I know I’ve mentioned before how much I adore her baby doll love, after 3 boys, it’s a true treasure to have my very own little mini me mommy. She even sucks her brothers into playing house with her when they get home from school…which totally warms my heart to see! Recently, a new beauty has entered into our morning ritual of doll play, one I know you will love!

“I’ve never met a tree I couldn’t climb, a rule I couldn’t ruffle, or a friend I couldn’t help. I’m all heart and always ready to lend a hand to somebody in need.”

Is she not beautiful? And for those of you that match the doll to the child, Samantha Parkington looks very much like our Gigi!! We are so thrilled that Samantha is back, she definitely is a Blake Family favorite now and forever.

{taken from a recent press release}

Middleton, WI — (August 28, 2014) – On August 28, 2014, girls across the country are invited to step into the world of BeForever, American Girl’s line of historical dolls, books, and related accessories that connects girls ages 8 and up with inspiring characters and timeless stories from America’s past. First introduced in 1986 but now with a fresh new look, BeForever gives girls today the opportunity to explore the past, find their place in the present, and think about the possibilities the future can bring. From a daring Nez Perce girl who does her best to be a friend to the earth in 1764 to an optimistic girl who stands up for what’s right in the mid-1970s, the adventurous BeForever characters help girls see the common threads—the shared interests, challenges, and dreams—that tie girls from all times together. The BeForever line will debut with eight characters; all-new, historically accurate outfits and accessories for dolls; new and refreshed fiction books; and an original line of historically inspired clothing for girls.

Samantha’s Back!
To celebrate the launch of BeForever, American Girl is welcoming back popular favorite Samantha Parkington to its lineup of historical characters. Samantha was one of the company’s original characters introduced in 1986, and her compelling story of compassion and friendship has inspired millions of girls. Archived in 2008, Samantha will be reintroduced with new products, including an ice cream parlor, a bike, a bedroom set, and several new outfits and accessories.

American Girl Dolls graced our family years and years ago when I gifted my niece her very first one. This mom of boys was hooked! The message behind each and every American Girl doll is so important as a parent, and an amazing teaching tool for a child. Aside from the fun and play, the series of books is what truly sets this brand apart and keeps them going strong!

Samanatha comes complete with:

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 10.19.39 AM

She also comes with what you CAN’T see right away. The mystery of history, a sense of responsibility, and a heart full of love! We could not be more thrilled to have her join our family, teaching our Gigi for many years to come…and soon to accompany us to our first visit to an American Girl Store!

Now is the time to snag your favorite doll and accessories, AND BOOKS, for the holiday season to come! What age do you think is best to start the love of American Girl Dolls? I know many think 3 years old {like our G} is too young but we would beg to differ. It’s never to early to teach the lessons that can be learned embracing the stories behind the dolls and for a little lady who cherishes her dolls, doesn’t destroy them, I think she’s at the perfect age!

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