Diaper in Style With PacaPod : Everywhere You Go! {GIVEAWAY}

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Now that we’re on round three of baking a baby, I have all things infant on my mind. I’m finding so many new things and helpful products that I didn’t have even when my youngest now was born (three years ago!) It’s been a little over a year since I’ve used a diaper bag, and I’ll admit I’m not all that thrilled about carrying one again. I was never much of a fan of the traditional diaper bag styles and prefer something a bit more fashionable, so I was pretty ecstatic to find PacaPod and had fun excitedly browsing all of their trendy styles!

PacaPod Sequoia Mink lifestyle

Umm… can you say PERFECTION? While I will most certainly never.. ever…. ever look that perfectly put together once baby number there arrives, at least my diaper bag will be, right!? I mean seriously… to show you the amazing features in this diaper bag is getting me all giddy inside! In past years, I looked more just at the look of the diaper bag. If I saw myself carrying it, it was cute, and not too “babyish”, I used it. PacaPod seriously has it ALL.

sequoia back mink




One side of the bag has these two practical compartments for feeding purposes, complete with a cute matching little ice pack and a changing pod with a matching changing pad as well. I mean really.. brilliant, right!? How many times do you find yourself digging through your diaper bag for that darn changing pad cover when you need it? Or your wipes? Now you can keep everything organized in its designated pod – – then still have the other side for the rest of the necessities with plenty of space to boot!




The attention to detail put into each bag is pristine. Not only are the designs trendy and hip, but simple and practical too. I love every little detail, right down to the pram attachments allowing you to easily attach the bag to your stroller. I’ve never been able to do this with a diaper bag. The mommy hook’s always make it drag too low and some of the stroller’s I have had in the past don’t have enough space in the bottom basket, leaving me with either piling it on top of the stroller or having to carry it myself.

I got the Sequoia bag, sleek, fashionable, and glamorous – I seriously see myself feeling like a hollywood mom carrying around this bag. I love how it can look like a regular trendy handbag, but serve the purpose I need it for; lugging around items for baby. I even saw some picture of someone taking out the feeding and changing pod’s and using it as a bag slipping their laptop right in that side – brilliant! I love when something can serve more than one purpose and I see myself getting lots of use out of this bag for years to come. Here are the design features for this particular bag, but every single design is made with the same exact amount of care and consideration for what mom’s can truly use this for on a daily basis.

-A 3-in-1 organising system, with Changer Pod, Feeder Pod and Changing Mat that clips onto the pram handle

-Features Across body strap, pram attachment straps

-Main pocket inner cargo hold, which stores the unique feeder and changer pods keeping them hygienically separate

-Other pockets: two parent pockets and one top pocket which is the full length of bag

-Material: Two tone jewel textured microfiber weave. Chunky brushed silver hardware and branded disc. Leather covered clutch handle and detachable over the shoulder strap that can be worn across the body to distribute weight

-Standard Wipe clean inner and phthalates free, tested to EC and BS food standards





Want to win a PacaPod of your own!? Enter the Rafflecopter form below! And shop PacaPod’s glamorous collection now; every bag even comes in a gorgeous organza gift bag making gift giving super easy this holiday season! (hint, hint to all you dad’s out there looking to spoil mom!!) You will use this bag for YEARS to come!



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All Treats, No Tricks! Spooky Goodies for Babies

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

With both kids way out of the baby stage, my eyes haven’t peeled for baby times for a while. All I’ve been thinking about are big kid things and gearing up for upcoming holiday’s. BUT… now that baby number three is on the way, I need to get my mind back into baby mode! I was so excited to check out some of these Halloween goodies from some of my favorite brands and get my little hands on some fun spooky style treats for this baby on the way! Even if you only have a baby this halloween, you can still celebrate with these spooky goodies for babies!

Halloween Goodies for Babies


With a little one, even if you don’t want to dress them up in costume, Finn + Emma, Kapital K, Sticky Bellies, Little Toader, and Stuck On You still have you covered! These adorable onesies, blankets, milestone stickers and more, will help even the little ones celebrate and get them in on the fun!

1. Little Toader LOL! Sucker. Babies can still get a treat with this cute and fun LOL! Sucker Appleteether. Proven as effective teething toys for infants, you can kill two birds in one stone; a treat AND a practical little goody for babies who can’t have a real sucker! I love how this is fun and cute, but also serves a purpose in something all of us mom’s need to have on hand in the diaper bag for those fussy baby teething moments.

2. Finn + Emma’s Snuggly organic blanket. I love the adorable print in this blanket by Finn + Emma! Wrap baby up in this adorable orange and gray design while you take the older kids trick or treating – keep baby warm and in the “Halloween spirit” with this fun design! I am a huge fan of everything by Finn + Emma, and the organic fabric is a huge plus; I can’t wait to wrap my little one in this in my arms for a cozy and snuggly treat!

3. Sticky Bellies Happiest Holiday’s Collection. Document baby’s first moments and holiday’s is something all parent’s want to do. Lucky for us, Sticky Bellies makes that so easy with this adorable Happiest Holiday’s Collection! Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Easter, & more are all covered in this collection so you’re set to document each fun adventure – I can’t wait to document my baby’s milestones and firsts’ with Sticky Bellies, and you can too!

4. Trick or Treat Bags by Stuck on You. You may have seen me post my kiddos adorable personalized trick or treat bags on Instagram recently, but you may not have checked out the rest of the adorable collection! Stuck on You’s personalized trick or treat bags are not only designed with adorable designs on the front, but with careful completion from inside out. These trick or treat bags will last us for years and years to come with how well they’re made and my kiddos are so psyched to fill these up with lots of goodies!

Stuck on You Trick or Treat Bags

5. Rockstar Onesie by Kapital-K.  While we don’t know the gender of our little one yet, I know Kapital-K has them covered if it’s a boy! Love this clothing line (and my little man does too) filled with trendy and hip styles for boys. This onesie is sure to keep baby warm and hip while the big kids are out having some Halloween fun!


See? No tricks going on over here – just lots of cuteness for baby while we gear up for a spooktacular Halloween! Even though the baby isn’t here this year, I can start planning for next! ;) And YOU moms with little can shop all these spooky treats and more from all of the above!

Happy Halloween!


Finn + Emma

Stuck on You


Sticky Bellies

Little Toader

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Take Time to Play with HABA USA {#TakeTimetoPlay}

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

We’re only a month away from Thanksgiving, just days away from Halloween…Christmas and the New Year will be here before we know it! When I got this email yesterday regarding HABA USA’s newest campaign, it struck a cord for sure. We are a technology driven family, 24/7. Work or play, there’s too many devices to count in this house.  I would love nothing more than to pull off a perfect unplugged holiday season!

Check out this brilliant campaign from HABA USA:

Family time spent on play makes priceless memories.

It’s time to change the way we think about play and family and get back to the basics that have always made the holidays great.

Make this a year to remember. Join HABA and “Take Time to Play” this holiday season: with the kids, with the whole family, even with your friends.

Let’s hang up the mobile devices and push aside the electronics. Let’s unplug and take some time to rediscover the power of play. Let’s spend time on something priceless.

HABA toys and games have brought families together for generations and they continue to create “Inventive Playthings for Inquisitive Minds.”

Read all about it HERE and share!

We are going to embrace this as much as possible as the weeks and months push forward to the New Year. We need to try harder as a family for sure. I NEED to try harder as a parent! Looking forward to a glorious, all-about-family 2014 holiday season.

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Friday, October 24th, 2014

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Photobooks, stationery, cards, and more from Shutterfly.

Bada Boum – It’s getting chilly!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

49 degrees last night and a glorious 70 degrees with full sun all day today! There’s a breeze, the windows are wide open, and I’m in heaven. This is the best time of year! Pumpkin candle glowing, bread baking in the oven and a hearty meal in the crockpot…it doesn’t get any better! We just got the extra blankets and warm comforters out of the closets last night. I’m sure we will not need them every night for a few more weeks, but we’ve already warned the kiddos that the heat is NOT coming on anytime soon so get used to long jammies and extra blankets for a while. And for the babes, time for sleep sacks!

Portrait vanessa

As a parent, I have always been a huge fan of sleep sacks. All 4 of my kids used them, every season, until their feet grew out the bottom and they were moved out of their cribs. By far, the Bada Boum padded sleep sacks are one of our favorites!



Yep, I must agree, the above combination does make for one truly Ultimate Sleep Sack! For the young ones, under 2, piling on the blankets is a no no. It’s unsafe and uncomfortable in a crib setting. The best solution by far is a sleep sack and once you try these, you’ll never look back! The Bada Boum beauties are lined with 100% cotton and the filling is made from soft, breathable polyester padding which allows for maintaining a constant body temperature as your baby sleeps.  Not to mention how adorable the designs are right??!



Your sweet one will be secure, safe and cozy in these precious sacks as they sleep the night (and days) away…especially as the Fall and Winter months bring on fresh chilliness! These sleep sacks offer easy access to change your baby during the night without disturbing them if needed plus an extra roomy size to ensure your baby is not confined in anyway and has plenty of room to move and grow! Love love LOVE!

Plain and simple, the risk of SIDS is in every home with every baby. Bada Boum has some very good prevention tips on their website that every parent should read.


BabyElan {daily} Sample Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received from said company, as stated within the editorial.