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With the boys, I never covered them up much in the water.  Swim trucks, a swim diaper if applicable, loads of sunscreen, and we’re off!  They are boys…I’m lucky the swim shorts stayed on!  So when I headed out against my husband’s wishes to buy chunky little Gracie her first pink polka dot bikini, he freaked a bit!  Hey, now’s the time to wear the polka dot bikini when chunky is cute and there’s no consciousness getting in the way!  So, to appease my husband, we’ve reserved the bikini for times when he’s not around, times when it’s just the ladies in a shady pool in our friend’s backyard.  So, when the sun is blasting down and we’re at a pool in public or at the beach, with my husband’s watchful eye near-by, Gracie’s skin is a bit more covered; for safety from the sun and to keep my hubby’s ticker from faltering to early on.

No worries though, SwimZip has the pink polka dots covered!!!

Between the stomach flu and chillier/rainy weather here lately, we’ve had very limited water play time over the past couple weeks.  That all changes today as it’s the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!  So bitter sweet as I’m thrilled for my older boys that Summer has officially begun for them, but oh the bitterness of keeping sane for 75 + days to come! SO, splash parks, backyard hose, BFFs pools, local YMCA, Carowinds Water Park, and frolicking in the rain…here come the Blakes!

{that’s not us of course, but could be…3 boys and a girl!}

With at least one of us suited up in fashionable SwimZip attire!  First and foremost, imagine an easy on easy off swimsuit.  The zipper, even when soaking wet, making the top so easy to slip on and off even when you have a screaming child or sand to deal with.

2nd…Protection is KEY as well!  May was Skin Awareness Month, did you do your research on UV Awareness before the heat set in??  SwimZip’s page on UV Awareness will keep you well informed and on top of your game this Summer!

Finally, back to the fashion aspect:

Heed your husband’s warnings ladies, for safety and their sanity, cover up the kids a bit more this Summer with SwimZip!  The sun is harsh and per Mr. Blake, the 2 year old boys are checking her out!

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  1. Lisa Friedman says:

    I love that outfit on your daughter! This is a genius idea and I ordered a set for my son with the discount… so much easier to get a rash guard on and off with the zipper. Thanks for bringing this company to my attention!

  2. Dana says:

    You are most welcome Lisa!!

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