golly-gee-peers! Table Manners Card Game

- Several years ago when I was picking up my daughter from a sleep over I asked if she had behaved. The father replied, “yes, but she chews her food like a horse!” -Staci from gooly-gee-peersOur worst fear {okay, not the worst, but you get the point} is to have our kids manners shoot down the toilet when they are at someone else’s house or in public.  At home, we can corral them and try to adjust the bad behavior in our own way without anyone knowing.  At the dinner table is when manners seem to disappear no matter how hard you enforce them. The more you scold, the worse it gets it seems. Elbows on the table, talking with your mouth full, getting up before excused, not using a napkin, reaching over someone’s plate to get something, leaning back in your chair…the list goes on and on! And that’s just within the first 5 mins!!

Instead of screaming til you’re blue in the face or repeating yourself over and over and over again, try to mix a little humor in.  Let’s make it a game with the Table Manners Card Game from golly-gee-peers.

We desperately needed something like this. Dinners for us are very quiet affairs night after night. We were raised to be quiet while eating and talking after.  And we’ve adapted that into our dinner table.  There’s nothing wrong with it, with 4 kids trying to all talk at once it gets a bit overwhelming, but a quiet dinner time makes for a boring dinner time. Especially when it’s Summertime and we don’t need to rush to be anywhere else.

What fun we’ve had with Table Manners!  Make up your own games or follow the instructions. Plus there’s blank cards where you can draw your own good behavior or bad depending on your specific child.  Thumbs up, thumbs down…what’s the worse your child has done at the table??  – for us, passing gas happens a lot with 4 boys at the table, that includes big man. What’s the best they’ve done in a while at the table?? – dining out, my 2 oldest now order for themselves, ever so politely.  Makes mommy very proud!!

Before Summer hits, take sometime to make mealtime a pleasant experience once again!


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