Splendid with a capital DIPITY!  This mom was never a cover-the-shopping cart or restaurant high chair with the first two boys but once Aidan came along I sorta turned into a germ freak.  And with Gracie’s it’s even worse!  The shopping cart cover I’ve used over the past 3 years did the job and looked great…and I’m sure it’s looking great on someone else’s cart as we speak since this ding dong left it in a cart one day!  It was a sad day when I realized it and customer service didn’t have it.  I suppose that person needed it more than I did…  Can you say perfect timing when our friend Rachel from Rachel Florio PR sent us some goodies from Splendipity and the perfect shopping cart cover was enclosed??

A universal cover ideal for carts, high chairs, the swing at the park, or a car seat shade.  Versatility is always key, especially when you have multiple children.  My children are never sick thanks to high immune systems and hopefully my germ issues.  I take back calling myself a “freak”, let’s call it “being careful”.  I’m not a freak, I have a 10 min rule for items dropped on the fall, not a 5 second rule, and my kids are always dirty and happy.  But where I can make a difference is in public places, the retail stores, the park, public restrooms, etc…that’s where being careful with germs pays off in the long run!  And a shopping cart/high chair cover is the simplest way to keep plenty of germs away from baby and also giving them a comfortable and fashionable place to sit as they throw their fits.  Gracie is at that stage, shopping is now boring to her and I never bring enough snacks to keep her happy at lunch, fun!

Splendipity has an array of solid colored organic cotton accessories you’ll love from bib and burp sets to blankets.  The most cozy blankets you’ll find too!!  Perfect little gifts at a fabulous price for all those baby showers to come!

From their Facebook page it looks like they received a PTPA award!!  Congrats to them!  They get my parenting approval for sure!!


BabyElan {daily} Sample Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received Rachel Florio PR.


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  1. Susan says:

    Yes! Splendipity won the PTPA seal of approval for their amazing organic covers. Thank you for featuring them00they truly have amazingly soft blankets and bibs too!!

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