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Thank goodness for organizational tools!  If it weren’t for old fashion and Outlook calendars, my family’s schedule would be a mess!  Yes, I use both, I actually have 3 “write-on” calendars throughout the house plus everything alarmed in Outlook.  I will never give up “writing it all down”, and my husband prefers it that way so he can view our schedule first thing in the morning and know what is expected of him for the day and week ahead without having to mess with the computer.  As 2010 comes to an end, I’ve already started plotting out 2011 for the kids, myself, and hubby…2011 is sure to be a fabulous year and already our days are filling with fun!

Glow Baby has turned my mess of a calendar {for 2010, besides my Momagenda, our fridge calendar was one of those free kitty cat ones…we hate cats…} into an organized masterpiece!  Okay holidays, get over with so we can start 2011 fresh and under control with no over-booking ourselves!

The 2011 Organized Family Calendar from Glow Baby is large enough for a desk or fridge calendar, yet it still fits in my briefcase to take with me to meetings.  Open it up and there’s the month at a view on the top page with the bottom page set up for each week for plenty more space to use a line for each member of the family, a chores checkbox for each day, and a To Do and Notes section at the bottom.  That’s the brilliancy, being able to manage three little boys and their social schedules separately.  Once baseball picks back up in the Spring, with two of the playing at different times each day, it’s maddening!  But it’s a must for them to be active so we make it work…and now we won’t be pulling our hair out wondering what time practice was because I wrote it in the wrong place or not at all!  This is going to be our one and only calendar for 2011, no more 3, 4, 5 of them throughout the house…no need…this one has enough room for us all to share and be completely organized!

To learn more about other Glow Baby products, check out our post a few months back when they donated giveaway items to All About Baby Charlotte.  And give the gift of organization for the holidays!!  For an exclusive discount from Glow Baby, check them out in our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide…20% off your purchases with the code babyelan now through the end of the year.


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