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Double Feature: Little Monster Ears {Discount} and Razzleberry Tutus {Giveaway}

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays!  I start decorating in late September {yes I am one of those people} and love how excited my kids get when they first see the decorations out.  I also get excited about helping the kids pick out their costumes each year.  For everyone like me who is lacking the crafty gene but would still like their kids to have unique and fun costumes I would like to introduce you to two great companies…  Little Monster Ears and Razzelberry Tutus!  Both offer endless possibilities for not only trick or treating but for the dress up box the rest of the year!

Red Monster ears Poppy Etsy индивидуалка поиск метро

I had never seen anything as cute as my own little monster when she first put on her Little Monster Ears.  We were sent the red fuzzy Phantastica ears to sample and the headband style makes it easy for even the littlest monsters to play dress up with them.  If they weren’t unique enough, all the monster ears are handmade and given their own name and background story.  The creation of these ears and the inspiration behind their individual stories are truly a family affair involving even the family pets.  

fuzzy Muzzy Ava Etsy 

Little Monster Ears is proud to be made in the United States as well as being part of the handmade movement.  Even the packaging is created in the Monster Ears studio.  To order your very own ears {and even a monster tail to match} just email Amber at and receive 15% off your order.  Babyluxe readers can receive this discount through October 31st!   Happy shopping!

безплатно кибер секс скачать

I also am excited to introduce Babyluxe readers to Razlelberry Tutus!  Another homemade in the USA product that will become every little girl’s favorite costume to dress up in no matter what the season!  Each tutu is made with the softest tulle {also made in the USA} and the most unique and beautiful designs.  My daughter received her very own tutu in pink and purple, her favorite colors, with a few razzle dazzle embellishments fit for a princess of her stature!  If you ask her, this tutu is perfect for twirling and goes well with any tiera! 

All Razzleberry Tutus have bows and embellishments that can be added to them to make these tutus extra special.  Just look at the pictures to see how beautiful and detailed they are and razzle dazzle your own!  Also, since princesses come in all shapes and sizes so do Razzleberry Tutus!  During checkout just select the size desired.  To care for a tutu through it’s lifetime, and when it arrives,  just put it on a hanger in the bathroom during a shower and let the steam fluff it back up to make it look like new!  Perfect for any princess!   


фото порно пaрней

онлайн девушки порно

Razzleberry Tutus would like one lucky Babyluxe reader to win their very own tutu!  Just post which style of tutu you like best to enter.  The winner will receive one of the signiture tutus in sassy length (10 inches) in the winner’s choice of Extra Small, Small, Medium or Large.  This giveaway tutu will also include the extra embelishments of a flower, ribbon streamers and flower.  The contest will run for one week!  Good luck!

Shop at Razzleberry Tutus between now and October 23rd to receive 10% off your order… just in time for Halloween!  Happy shopping everyone!

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Hugga-Bebe {DISCOUNT}

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

The Hugga-Bebe is one of those products that should be on every new mom’s baby registry, but might not be, unfortunately, because of lack of knowledge {of the product AND the need}.  So I am excited to educate you on the HuggaBebe, so you can choose to put one of these on your registry or perhaps give one as a gift to the deserving new mom!

Of course, everyone knows about the swing, the doorway jumper, the exersaucer & all of those other activity centers we’re encouraged to use for our baby!  But as a first time parent, what you don’t realize is that it takes quite a while from the time your baby is old enough to hold his/her head up & enjoy these toys {3 months}, to the time your baby actually fits inside of them

девушки кончают онлайн порно беспатный

{up to 6 or 7 months for some}!  So why waste those precious months of enjoyment, just because baby doesn’t fit?

скачать жесткое порно

скaчaть порно бритни спирс

порно муж

Kimberly Davis thought the same thing when she saw her 4 month old nephew struggle to keep his wobbly little body upright in his activity center.  So Kimberly, a woman known for ability to solve problems, 2 dreams & 1 prototype later, invented the Hugga-Bebe!  The HuggaBebe is an ingenious cushion device, that goes on like a diaper almost, and supports the baby’s entire upper body, while he/she enjoys everything there is to enjoy about her activity center!

Available in several fantastic color choices, with a “one-size adjusts to fit all” sizing system, a Hugga-Bebe should be on every new mom’s list! We’re here to help you with that today, by offering all BabyLuxe readers a generous 20% off your purchase of the Hugga-Bebe! Simply enter the code “thankyou09″ at checkout.

Padalily – Customer Sale!

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

We just love the Padalily Company so much, we wanted to share their great sale with you!

“Greetings from the Padalily Company!

As a special thank you to all of you who have ordered a Padalily in the past, we are offering 20% off any re-order of any style. We have some great new styles for Fall, and we invite you to check out our website, Of course, it’s always free shipping – so take advantage of the savings! Just enter code OCTPAD at checkout.

Feel free to share this coupon code with friends! We appreciate our customers so much, and look forward to serving you in the near future!”

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Roundhouse {DISCOUNT}

Friday, September 25th, 2009

My 16 month old and I are about to embark on some one on one bonding this weekend!  Just me and him flying to NY for a wedding, for the first time we’ll be alone without brothers and daddy.  Should be interesting!  Means lots of baby wearing in the airport and entertaining him in as many ways as I can think of before passing him off to the grandparents!  I can handle it I’m sure, and Roundhouse Design Collaborative has helped me tremendously!

First, the carrier; there’s no way I’m wheeling a stroller around the airport, little man is much more content in a hip sling and the Roundhouse Sling is perfect for infant on up and versatile is so many ways!  It’s extremely comfortable as a hip sling and the pocket in the front is going to be a life saver for me!!  I’m not checking a bag because I’m cheap and don’t want to spend the $15 extra dollars so I’ll have my child, my HEAVY suitcase wheeling behind us, my LARGE handbag filled with everything under the sun including my laptop…needless to say that pocket is going to hold my cell and IDs/credit cards for easy access.  For those of you nursing, this sling has a built in nursing shield which is an excellent feature!  Available in the most beautiful designs {original or organic cotton}, this is a popular sling that I’m so eager to show off this weekend as I trudge up the East Coast!

AND, to entertain my biter {yes, even at 16 months he still puts everything in his mouth!}, Oh Plah! from Roundhouse.  You’ll never forget the name so here’s the product:  Bend. Twist. Roll. Bite. Play; a chemical free wrist bracelet for mommy to wear and baby to enjoy!  Non-toxic and mildew resident, this durable little invention will save you time and again from finding strange and foreign items in your child’s mouth!  My son picks up every tiny little thing on the floor so you can image the fun he’ll find on the airport carpet!  NOPE, he’ll be enjoying sitting on mommy’s lap and playing with her “jewelry” from Roundhouse, he’ll be so excited!!  Available in 5 colors that will fit any mother’s personality and style, these will make the most perfect gift toppers!

So, thank you Roundhouse!!  My trip this weekend is going to be fun and stress free, and I’ll be the envy of other moms traveling with kids!  Until September 30th, take 20% off your order with the code 809luxe20!  Enjoy!!

Bumkins Cloth Diapers

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

GreenLuxe Edition

My New Years Resolution was to live life a little “greener”. At the time I was 3 months pregnant for our second son, Noah. He was to be my “green” baby. Cloth diapers naturally were on my radar and Bumkins had a ton of selection, options and information! At about 6 weeks I was ready to begin cloth diapering Noah. Here is what I have learned in the past several weeks.

First things first, you must do a little research. There are many different approaches to cloth diapering.. so take the time to figure out what you want to use that will be convenient for you, comfortable for your precious baby and an enjoyable experience for the family. Bumkins has wonderful information for you to read and educate yourself on all the different styles and options. What is an AIO anyway? The facts are plentiful; super absorbent cotton, chemical free, durable fabrics, organic, gentle elastic bands, six layers of flannel cotton for maximum absorbency that by the way becomes more absorbent with use! There’s the silky waterproof outer shell of the AIO with delightful patterns and colors too! The velcro tabs are serious!

This is my “I feel good” like the song, part of the review. Noah has just dirtied his beautiful all-in-one Bumkin and I need to be out the door in 2 minutes to pick up my 3 year old from pre-school. This is how easy it can be, no stress, no rush and NO mess.  I have used the clever Bumkins flush able diaper liner! Check to see exactly what product I am referring to, then you will understand why I FEEL GOOD. Just toss the liner and velcro him back up, we are off. Noah is smiling, I am smiling, we are FEELING GOOD. Here is another example of what I have learned the past few weeks using Bumkins, I’m organized and prepared. We don’t use wipes, we use bamboo clothes. I change Noah on the counter in my bathroom if he is dirty and I haven’t used a liner. Dump the mess down the toilet, wash his bottom and toss the cloth diaper in the washer machine. Another trick, use Bumkins Contour diapers, cheaper and super soft. Use them as an insert inside the fabulously whimsical covers! They are so cute to see on your baby. At you can view all the different choices, AIO’s, Contour Diapers with snappies or with covers. Last tip, avoid leaks by changing your baby regularly. That’s it, its soooo simple! No wonder our parents and grandparents used cloth diapers!

Bottom line ladies, because I’m a bottom line kind of girl cloth diaper can be as convenient or confusing as you chose for them to be. There are several specific reasons why anyone would want to cloth diaper such as; the simplicity of the AIO, the comfort to your baby of course, who isn’t trying to save money, economically you will save $1,000.00 over a 3 year period, and lastly back to my New Years Resolution, environmentally you are being responsible in conserving valuable resources like trees, petroleum, energy and landfills! Now you can FEEL GOOD too!

I FEEL GOOD knowing I’m treating my babies skin the best I can, no diaper rashes, ever! And I FEEL GOOD saving my family money. It is just an added GOOD feeling that I’ve actually kept my new years resolution :-)

Posted by Amy