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Smart Lab & Fun and Function {DISCOUNT}

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

KidLuxe Edition

Oh the joys of rainy days!  During the Summer with three little ones, rainy days are stressful {thank goodness they are few and far between here!}  BUT, as I look at the week ahead, 7 days straight of afternoon thunderstorms…yikes!  Good thing we have plenty to keep us busy inside with board games galore, reading practice for T, and crafts {did you notice I didn’t mention the TV/DVD, I’m going to try to stay away from plopping them in front of it, it’s going to be hard!}.  Here’s two companies that will help with your rainy day blues, keeping you and your kids extra busy {no TV required}…think ahead to the Winter months, when you’re family is stuck inside together much longer than an afternoon rain storm!

SmartLab Toys has the creative entertainment your children crave!!  {Older children for the most part}.  See above, the RoboXplorer {so stinkin cool} was a joy to help my 7 year old build!  It was simple enough for us both, yet time consuming enough to keep us busy for a while, with no boredom!  Battery operated once complete, this build it yourself toy makes T feel proud everytime he brings it out to play; goes great along with the other crazy looking robot type machines he’s collected, perfect indoor fun to share with his little brothers!

My eyes are rolling from jealousy to whomever purchases the Spa Lab from SmartLab Toys

!  My ideal rainy day would be enjoying the Spa; second best would be to enjoy a Spa Day at home would your little girl!  Check out Spa Lab {all natural by the way} here; maybe I can get my niece to come and pamper me for the afternoon…

SmartLab Toys has science kits for every child’s desire {secret forumlas, rocket racers, first electroics, explore the human body, and many more!}.  I’m shopping for Christmas already, are you??

Next, Fun and Function, a company specializing in therapeutic play & education for children!  For our indoor play this week, a good old fashion memory game with an even better educational twist, Language Memory Matching!  This game has been extremely helpful for my raising 2nd grader who has had a bit of trouble in the “noun/verb/adjective” section.  {I think I still have problems with those!}.  This clever little game helps with nouns without the child even knowing it, T simply thinks he’s just playing Memory with mommy.  Think how well children with learning disabilities could benefit from games like these and the many other educational tools at Fun and Function!

Especially if you have a child with autism or any type of sensory disorder {like my nephew}, this is the place to shop for education, fun, and boredom busters!  You’ll find a toy or game to help enhance every skill your child develops throughout their early years here at Fun and Function.  From flash cards and activity books, charts and games, to scooters and dress-up, even the coolest indoor swing ever!!!

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So whether it’s just a rainy day, the Winter months, a cure for boredom, or a special needs child; Fun and Function has it all, activities I have not seen anywhere else, all in one place!!  Enjoy a 10% discount on your order of $50 or more at Fun and Function with the code dluxepress {first discount code box at checkout title Hard Copy Gift Cert-coupon code}

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Baby Star {Discount}

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

OK all of you nursing mamas, are you tired of playing the ” keep your girls and tummy covered up” game every time you nurse?  Baby Star  has the nursing blanket to help you win that game with a blanket that offers such an easy fix! 

OK, now look past how cute it is {I know it’s hard}, and how soft the chenille side is and focus on the star.  The star, which is pretty much just a stuffed star shaped pillow sewn on one corner of the blanket, is heavy enough when tossed over your shoulder to keep the blanket in place while nursing.  Brilliant, simple and fabulous!

Since this nursing blanket is from Baby Star  there are several beautiful patterns and colors to choose from.  All of these nursing blankets are wonderful to use just as a baby blanket in between feedings.  {The chenille side is SO soft to wrap baby in.} 

Baby Star would like all Babyluxe readers to enjoy a generous 30% off their purchases!  Just use the code 20twinkle09 at checkout to receive this fabulous discount!  Enjoy!

Keen Distribution

Monday, July 27th, 2009

MamaLuxe Edition

For those of you that don’t know, one of our all time favorite companies {as parents} is Boon Inc.  Boon also owns Keen Distribution, another innovative company offering stand-out children’s products going hand in hand with the modern style we’ve grown to love from Boon.  Today I have a “tool” to share with all moms and dads…a “tool” that will make parenting one heck of a lot easier!

How does Time Out work in your house?  To be blunt, Time Out is {was} the worst time of the day for my family {yes, T and C were in time out a few times a day; it was part of our daily routine unfortunately}; there’s always crying, not staying put, acting up the second they are told they could rejoin the activity…basically, we moved on to different parenting options, Time Out was just not working for our family.  Keen Distribution developed one exceptional product that I’ve wanted to share with you for quite sometime now…The Time Out Pad!  This is so fun coming from a mom…the concept is perfect, here’s what happens.  Said child throws a nice little fit during your Tuesday morning play date {at someone else’s house…yes, take this with you everywhere, once they are use to it at home, all you have to do is say “I brought the “pad” with me, behave or your going in Time Out!”}…so it’s time for a break, time to sit outside the play group, time for Time Out, Keen style!  Activate the pad {set the time for how long you want, of course younger children need less time} and have the child sit on the cushion {on the floor or on a chair},  a visual light helps the child “count” down until it’s time for them to get up.  OR, if they decide to get up prior, a nice, LOUD alarm sounds, alerting the parent AND “scaring” the child’s tushey back onto the cushion.  BRILLIANT!

Whatever your parenting/discipline style, the Time Out Pad is definitely something to try out!  My children have never cried on their Time Out Pad like they use to when they sat in a chair in their old time out spot.  They still hate the fact of having to go to time out but now they sit there watching their pad, counting down the seconds in their head until the “bell” goes off and lets them out.  Let’s just hope it’s not too enjoyable for them and they decide to do things just to get to use the Time Out Pad!

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One more quick thing from Keen that I want to share, than I’ll let you go look at the rest of their fun and functional products; The Mommy Hook.  Easy name to remember, a small little gadget that goes a long way!  How frustrating is it to dig for your purse and all your shopping bags, AND the much needed diaper bag shoved under the stroller or under the shopping cart {or hidden under the massive amounts of groceries}; simply clip your Mommy Hook onto the handle bar and clip ALL your bags in easy reach!  You’ll be amazed at how much this puppy can hold!  And at only $7.99, this could save your back from the strain of carrying so much junk on your shoulders AND save you from all those lost shopping bags {I don’t know how many times I have left a bag here or there just by putting it down while I look at something else} AND save you time and energy digging under the stroller for the baby bottle or your keys!  {YES, clip your keys right on there, way not…OR, for safety reasons and no shopping bags, clip this inside your purse or diaper bag with your keys attached for easy access to them}.  So many options for The Mommy Hook!  Fabulous gift topper OR even baby shower favor, something attendees would actually use!

We hope you love Keen Distribution just as much as we know you love Boon Inc!

The Lollipop Theatre Network{Giveaway and Discount}

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Celebrate National Lollipop Day with a great cause dedicated to helping children!  The Lollipop Theatre Network  is a non-profit organization that brings movies, still in theatres, to children in hospitals due to chronic or life threatening illnesses.  This is an opportunity for sick children and their families to escape from the daily reality of their illnesses and offer them a moment of normalcy in an otherwise stressful hospital environment. 


How can you support this fabulous charity?  Just purchase any lollipop bouquet today or tomorrow (July 26th and 27th) from Edible Gifts Plus and 100% of all of the proceeds will go to The Lollipop Theatre Network

.  As a bonus Edible Gifts Plus will also host a drawing on its website to win a lollipop bouquet.  The bouquets are beautiful and there are many to choose from! 

Edible Gifts Plus would like to offer Babyluxe readers 10% off their purchase.  Just use the code Babyluxe at checkout!  Edible Gifts Plus would also like to give away a lollipop bouquet to one of our lucky readers.  Just post what you like best about the Edible Gifts Plus  lollipop bouquet and The Lollipop Theatre Network.  We will select a winner in one week… good luck!

Crocs Style Of The Month {GIVEAWAY #2}

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

And the winner of our first Crocs giveaway from last month is Lisa {tylerpants}, with our 4 runners-up:  Jennifer {cmwnjav}, Carrie {faircloth}, Andrea H, and Mel G!   Lisa wins her pick of Electros, and the 4 runners-up {plus Lisa} are all entered into the Summer End LARGE Crocs giveaway!  Stay tuned!

This month, let’s introduce you to a new Crocs style {my oldest son loves these}, Trailbreak. {By the way, Crocs has a new more user-friendly site!} Fabulous sport sandals, perfect for every season {since our Winters are so mild here in the South, my son can wear these all year round playing every activity he wishes!}.  This is a Croc with amazing traction and durability!  My son use to wear his Electros while riding his bike {since he LOVES them and will not take them off} but they are a bit loose on his feet; the Trailbreaks are so much better for his bike riding needs!  They grip the peddles and stay as secure on his feet as sneakers, yet as breathable as his favorite sandals.

See the pull tight laces on the top, there’s the security you can not get from sandals.  These Crocs will take your child through the rest of Summer and Fall from the park, to hiking, to apple picking, to soccer, kite flying, and more!  I LOVE the colors, the bright yellow is awesome…but the cotton candy pink is even better {think I can get away with putting that color on one of the boys??}.

Crocs has plenty of new arrivals this year; check them all out, including the Trailbreak and the new colors added to some of your old favorites!

Before we move on to the contest for this month, look at the cute photos we received for entries in last month’s giveaway…send us more, we know you have adorable Croc lovers out there!!




Okay everyone, Crocs #2 giveaway under way!  Same as last month, comment on your favorite Croc, a Croc story, send us photos {}, links to your tweets or blogs about this giveaway, check out the other new arrivals at Crocs and let us know which ones are on your wish list, comment away…as many times as you want!  The winner this month gets this Trailbreak pick!  And as before, 4 runners-up will be chosen as well to be entered in the Summer end giveaway!  Contest ends next month at our 3rd and final Crocs Style of the Month Feature, August 21st. Good luck to all!!