Nap Nanny {DISCOUNT}

With baby #3 on the way, I was certain that I’d seen and tried it all when it came to the massive amount of gear that goes along with having a baby.  So one day sitting in the OB office, imagine how excited I was to see an ad for something I had never heard of or seen before; the Nap Nanny!  I am so thrilled that Nap Nanny has selected BabyLuxe as their blog review “debut”; because I know that you {our awesome readers} are going to be just as excited about their product as I am!


Designed out of frustration by a new mom, the Nap Nanny is a combination of several products that didn’t seem to work on their own: an infant car seat, a foam wedge, a cozy blanket & a mattress.   The Nap Nanny is shaped perfectly to cradle baby in comfort and safety, with the built-in harness that is covered in the same luxurious minky fabric as the rest of the Nap Nanny.


Weighing under 3 lbs, but packed with high density polyurethane, the Nap Nanny is used by parents all over to help babies sleep better & to aid in the discomfort caused by colic, reflux, gas, ear infections & colds.  Parents of twins are even finding it useful while bottle feeding their twins at the same time.   Another fabulous use for the Nap Nanny is propped up tummy time!  Check out the Testimonials page for a look at how this works.


As the Nap Nanny grows in popularity, I am sure the number of uses for it will as well.  We are very excited to use ours when this baby finally joins us in several months!

We’re thrilled to offer you 10% on your purchase of Nap Nanny, with the code BBLX10!

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  1. Amy says:


  2. Silvia says:

    I am absolutely in love with this and just kicking myself for not inventing it after 3 babies! I want one I want one I want one!!!!!!!! Thanks for the awesome find BabyLuxe :)

  3. Erin says:

    Whoever found this – THANK YOU! I have baby #2 on the way and with my first, we tried everything to help her with that awful Acid reflux (yuck!). We ended up putting her in her carset to sleep but with that being so hard, her poor little head got flat! She’s two now with a back in shape noggin, but I’m going to order one of these today – this is the perfect combo of nice elevation and a comfy, PLIABLE bed. Thank you so much for posting this! I never would have found it!

  4. I am a grandmom taking care of Caleb and baby bother who absolutely needs the Nap Nanny for his reflux and to sleep longer and confy. I have been wainting for something like this and I want to buy it soon!!

  5. bailey says:

    The nap nanny was a great choice, I have baby number 3 on the way and I used one for baby 2. It worked like a doll. I am so happy someone came up with this. My baby would always puke after I feed him and didnt hold him up for about 45 minutes but when I got my nap nanny I could lay him down whenever.
    It would be a very good choice to anyone who has this problem or anyone who likes to sit their baby up to try to prevent sids and such.
    On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the best) I give the nap nanny a 100

    whoever the inventor is their wonderfull!!!

  6. Laura Riley says:

    Thank you nap nanny!! My Alex (1/09) had such a hard time sleeping in his crib (I used to stack blankets under his mattress so he could sleep). But I got a nap nanny for him and omg thank you to the inventor! He sleeps so well now and its great just to put him there when I’m taking care of his older sister Sophie (2/08). I just ordered a second one just in case :) from which sells them for the same price and less shipping. “BABY10″ is the coupon code that I found too. Definitely worth it!

  7. Kristina Schoonover says:

    I really would love one of those i have a preemie she is now 7 months old and has multiple medical issues she 10lbs and is still unable to hold her head up on her own, so the Nap Nanny would be great not sitting up too much and not too flat. I seen the Nap Nanny in a magazine that i get, and thought that would be perfect maybe now i can quit stuffing blankets under her bed. lol I figure I will get one sooner or later. Maybe for Christmas.

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